I was in Seattle visiting friends last week, and deliberately paying minimal attention to the latest Memo From The Desk Of Sandy Alderson. I had a free internet code for the flight home, and managed to log in at the very second that the announcement of Terry Collins as the Mets’ new manager. Within 5 minutes, my Twitter feed filled with so much negative, nasty vitriol I wish that I hadn’t heard the news until I landed back in New York.

I’m not a baseball expert. I’m not a Mets insider. I can’t do anything to substantively change the direction of the team, except maybe to show up and cheer (if you believe in home field advantage, which I do to a certain extent). With the recent front office hires, I was actually starting to enjoy the Mets not being the laughing stock of baseball fans nationally. And now, if you listen to so many of the baseball insiders, it seems as though all of that has vanished, all of that has changed, and that the 2011 season has over before it even started.

I call bullshit.

I call bullshit on the WALLY BACKMAN OR THE FRANCHISE IS DOOMED bandwagon. I call bullshit on the insults, I call bullshit on the nastiness, I call bullshit on the conspiracy theories, I call bullshit on every single bit of negativity around all of this. It’s over. It’s done. If you don’t like it, then vote with your feet and don’t go to games. No one, repeat, no one, knows what’s going to happen with our new front office combination.

I would have been fine had the new GM chosen Wally Backman, or Bobby Valentine or Mickey Mouse for the new manager as long as that manager isn’t a distraction to the team, as long as the GM is going to support that manager and that manager is going to not be a hindrance to the team actually winning baseball games. When the season is a disaster again, then come over with your negativity dance. Until then, get lost. I’m too busy not being depressed about my baseball team for a change.

Now, how about that 2011 lineup?

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