If you watch the Mets on SNY, you have seen these delightful Citi commercials starring Baseball’s Best Mascot, Mr. Met:

There’s one where he’s giving a woman a Mets-themed manicure, another where he’s at a bank and provides ID in the form of a baseball card, and another where he tips a street mime to make sounds resembling “Let’s Go Mets”. But the one above (which I taped on my phone) is the best one ever.

These ads are friendly, personable, warm. They are everything the 2010 Mets organization is not. They are also better than any ad campaign the Mets have done since 2005, when we saw what Mr. Met did while the Mets were on the road. (To be fair, there was a Xerox commercial this year with Mr. Met that also met that description.)

So why the heck are these great ads not on the Mets web site? Or the Citi web site? Even if they wouldn’t allow them to be embedded (the No. 1 most shortsighted thing MLB does), why do you not want people to be able to link to these great, funny videos? These would create good vibes and positive buzz, something the team (and Citi) are desperately in need of.

It’s just yet another missed opportunity.

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