8/15: I am aware of Mr. Dibble’s apology and clarification, and thank him and MASN for his response. If you are a woman, married to a woman, have a daughter or a mother and do not understand the post, I offer this interpretation (also from a woman, my apologies). If you want something from a man, I offer this link from Can’t Stop The Bleeding (all dudes, so it’s kosher).

You’re a jerk.

If I had a dollar for every time I saw a man at a baseball game, talking to his friends non-stop, or doing anything except paying attention to the game, you would no longer be employed by MASN because I would have been able to purchase the network and then fire you. (I would fire you not just being a sexist clod, but for being a horrible announcer. The poor Nationals fans deserve so much better. But that is not my drum to beat.)

Listen, I hate looking at the fans behind home plate who are clearly there because someone got them the tickets. I hate the dorks who wave at the camera with their cellphone glued to one ear with a passion you cannot possibly understand because I (almost) never get to sit in those kinds of seats (when I did have that chance, I literally didn’t talk for three innings because I was so overwhelmed at being that close to the game). I am sure it is tiresome to watch the rich and lucky of either sex, especially in Washington DC, sit there and – to your view – ignore perfectly good baseball.

But it isn’t a male-female issue, and you made it into one. Furthermore, when your broadcast partner tried to correct you, and tried to give you an out instead of saying, “You know, that was kind of shallow, I’m sorry,” or “That came out wrong, it just seems like there are some fans up here that would love those seats” or I don’t know what (because nothing requires someone to just sit and not move during a game) your response was that the women must have been there because they were filming a reality television show.

Mr. Dibble, women make up FORTY-FIVE PERCENT OF THE MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL FANBASE. That’s right, 45% of of baseball fans are women.

I wasn’t going to write about this, because Dibble is an ass who doesn’t deserve the pixels, until I read this from Stacey over at Camden Chat:

I am a woman who, if seated behind home plate at a Nationals game, would get circled by Rob Dibble and called out for gossiping about an upcoming sale while the men were trying to watch baseball.

This is why it matters. This is why what he said was inexcusable.

I wonder if Rob Dibble knows how many times women get looked at funny for keeping score. I wonder if Rob Dibble wonders how hard it is for female fans to have to continually defend their love of baseball as being about the game, and not about cute guys in tight uniforms. I wonder if Rob Dibble thought about what any teenage girls who were watching the game (and guess what, Rob Dibble, they do watch the game, taught by their mothers and grandmothers as well as fathers, uncles and grandfathers) and heard that. He just gave fuel to the fire of every sexist clod out there who thinks that women are dumb and can’t understand baseball and can’t possibly be at the game because they want to be. No one ever looks at a man and thinks “he must be here with his girlfriend”. It is hard enough to have a conversation with a guy at a game who assumes you are there because you are with a guy.

Rob Dibble just made it harder.

I want to take a group of women to a Nationals game and sit in those seats, but as it was just pointed out to me, while they are cheaper than the Mets’ equivalents, they are still $300. I am still thinking about taking a group with signs to a weekend game, but probably couldn’t do it quick enough to make the point in a timely fashion. So if you have an opinion on this, please leave a comment, and please consider sending an message with your thoughts regarding Mr. Dibble to MASN via their contact form.

[I never troll for comments but there are too many men out there on the internet today dismissing this. Please, ladies.]

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