“No, I’m not. We’ve had a lot things go on here and there. We are men and things come our way. We still have a job to do”
–Jerry Manuel, via Andy Martino of the NYDN

The quote above was in response to what was likely the 37th question asking if Francisco Rodriguez’ arrest last night was a distraction for the team.

Really? It’s not a distraction? Really? Because I would think that your high-priced star closer allegedly going postal against a family member (if someone is carried out on a stretcher with visible injuries, I believe that rates the term ‘going postal’) on team property in front of other team family members, being arrested and held overnight, causing THE ENTIRE BASEBALL WORLD to focus on your team that is already making headlines by imploding so astronomically, would be a fucking distraction. The media swarm, the headlines in every paper, the police presence… but no, not a distraction.

How about: “Yes, it’s a distraction, but everyone else here still has a job to do, people bought tickets to see a team on the field today, so that’s what we’re going to do.” Wouldn’t that be a measured, reasonable, intelligent response?

I am disgusted, I am apoplectic, I am getting a headache, I am fed up. I have been to 24 Mets games at Citi Field and 10 road games. My household owns two ticket plans. I bought a freaking Jason Bay shirt when the season started.

I guess the point is that I am doing my part, while no one in Flushing is doing theirs. Where is the leadership? Where is the accountability? I would settle for someone not saying something stupid for once. Why is the organization not dictating that people stick to talking points that actually answer the question but don’t sound completely milquetoast?

I am delighted with the win today. I am delighted Johan pitched a full game. I am, however, not delighted that that only happened because WE DON’T REALLY HAVE A CLOSER AT THE MOMENT.

I am glad that there was some action taken although I find it to be completely insignificant and a signal that there are no consequences to anything anyone ever does or doesn’t do.

I have a ticket for tomorrow night and I absolutely don’t want to be there. I don’t want to deal with moronic Phillies fans who use homosexuality as the punchline of all their smack talk. I am tired of being the punchline of every single joke being made today on the internet. I don’t want to deal with a loss, I don’t want to deal with stupid security who exclaim with delight because THEY FOUND AN OPEN WATER BOTTLE! Wow, on a 95 degree day, someone traveled with a water bottle – AND DRANK FROM IT! CALL HOMELAND SECURITY!

I am more than a little fed up with everything to do with this team. I don’t have anything Mets-related to wear to the game because right now I feel that there is no player right now I feel deserves my support.

At least I didn’t cave and buy a fucking Jeff Francoeur shirt. If you defend him here I am going to mock you mercilessly and go on Twitter and find other people to come here and do it. We have enough mediocrity on this team without defending a cute white guy who gives the beat writers good quotes.

There, I’m done now.

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