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BATTING PRACTICE, CAMDEN YARDS, 6-12-10. | metsgrrl.com


One of the best parts about road games is the ability to get better access to BP than I can at my home park.


More great photos after the jump.

My favorite part was watching the players long toss. It was interesting to see who was paired up with who; for example, Barajas was tossing to Blanco, and was definitely trying to throw a knuckleball. When Rod was signing autographs at the dugout later on, TBF said, “I saw you throwing that knuckleball. How’s your slider?” Rod laughed and said his curve was better.


For the life of me, I still don’t understand why the Mets changed the BP access at Citi Field. With the exception of Yankee Stadium, almost everyone – even Fenway – has better access than we do. When people arrived at Camden and wanted their seats, they were escorted to their seats by security who told people to move. The people moved. Most people don’t show up that early and want their seats, but if they do, I’m not seeing why security can’t actually do their job and make it known that people have to move. The crabbiest, crankiest old guys at Citi Field are working security in those field sections, there’s no reason they couldn’t do the same thing. I know the answer is “because they’re not thinking about it” but it’s high time that they do.

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