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Even sitting at Citi Field, waiting for first pitch, I could participate in the Stephen Strasburg hype yesterday via the magic of MLB’s At Bat app. I don’t care how much of a baseball curmudgeon you are, if you do not think it is astounding that I could sit in Flushing and, while the lineup cards were being exchanged, watch Strasburg’s first couple of pitches, there is no hope for you.

I am happy for the Nationals fans. The Nationals organization was a class act yesterday, throwing scalpers out of the standing room lines, and giving three suite-level tickets to the first person in that line (who got there at 5:30 in the morning). I am happy for them, I am happy for baseball. If you want to go off on your tirades about hype, I will just say that it is nice to have something to be excited about, and tell you to go read Joe Posnanski on this subject. It is very easy to hate something. It is much harder to see the good side. I see nothing to be gained from hating Stephen Strasburg.

P.S. While I generally have no problems finding fault with MLB, the fact that the Nationals-Pirates game was the free game of the day yesterday in At Bat was a nice touch of generosity on their part. Yes, it also will serve to show people how ABSOLUTELY FREAKING COOL it is to watch baseball on your phone, but they still did the right thing here.

P.P.S. Email from TBF titled upcoming pitching matchups – it lists all of the games we have on our dance card, and then this:
Mets in Washington
Thu 7/1 Santana v. not Strasburg
Fri 7/2 Niese v. not Strasburg
Sat 7/3 Dickey v. not Strasburg
Sun 7/4 Takahashi/Maine v. not Strasburg

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