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Jun 29th, 2010


I need a day or two to get through the Target Field photos, but I will leave you with two for now: This was my unfortunate view when Zumaya went down with his elbow injury Monday night. Me and my close personal Twitter friend T.C. Bear! Minneapolis is a wonderful, wonderful place to watch a baseball game. The full report soon.… [more]


Jun 25th, 2010

SWINGIN’ PARTY. [6-25-10]

I was all by myself at the start of the game up in 514. TBF was in the Shake Shack line, and so it was up to me, and me alone, to boo the opposing team’s starting lineup as it was announced. Unless we’re playing the Phillies or the Marlins or some other obvious enemy, no one in 514 seems to care enough. The issue with this, of course, is that the Twins are the closest thing I have to an AL team. And Monday night, I will be wearing a Joe Mauer shirt and sitting in Target Field, as I root for them to win against the Tigers.… [more]


Jun 25th, 2010

DRIVER 8. [6-18-10]

Mets v Yankees 6-18-10 I am not a big fan of the 1-0 game. Or let me restate that: I am a big fan of the pitching duel, if that is what we are presented with, but I am never a fan of 1-0. I can never sit there confidently and know, absolutely believe with all my heart, that my team is going to shut down the opposition solidly. 1-0 makes my stomach hurt. 1-0 has me sitting on the edge of my seat because I’m unwilling to be comfortable for any second, as though my personal level of attention to the action on the field will ensure victory.… [more]

Jun 25th, 2010


Courtesy the delightful @juliaaquadrinoo, comes this gem: Don’t Stop The Voting (For David Wright) Just a Smithtown girl, livin’ in a lonely world She took on a midnight campaign to get David in the All Star Game Just a Virginia boy, tonight he lost to Detroit But he is still an All Star, vote for him anyway A manager in a press conference room With him in charge you’d think we’re destined for doom But you’d get a smile if you saw David Wright The hits go on and on and on and on Mets fans waiting, as he’s up and down the leader boards His homers, sailing into the night But stupid Polanco, he’s winning just to drive us crazy Come on, just vote for David Wright!… [more]


Jun 24th, 2010


Teammates In The Community : Thursday, June 24 – Animal Rescue and Adoption The Mets will help take care of cats and dogs up for adoption at a midtown Manhattan animal shelter in support of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, a coalition of more than 160 animal rescue groups and shelters to end the killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs. The players volunteering at today’s event were Jeff Francoeur (who arrived on foot, happily explaining that he didn’t live far away), Mike Pelfrey and Francisco Rodriguez. The destination was the Humane Society of New York, where a gaggle of volunteers, convincingly dressed in blue and orange, introduced the players to a selection of dogs and cats being cared for by the shelter.… [more]

Jun 24th, 2010


If a woman who grew up with zero baseball knowledge can somehow become a successful baseball blogger, there’s no reason at all that Howard Megdal can’t become GM of the Mets. There is also no reason that Steve Phillips shouldn’t debate him, except that Steve Phillips is a big wuss. I do not agree with Mr. Megdal’s continued advocacy of Pedro Martinez, but he is a voice of sanity when it comes to Jenrry Mejia.… [more]


Jun 22nd, 2010

NOWHERE TO RUN. [6-22-10]

I was seriously not pleased when the rain started falling in Flushing. I wanted a pitchers’ duel. I wanted Verlander v Niese. I wanted the tension, to sit in my perch behind home plate and watch them paint the corners. I was ready for this. I could see high and low, I could see inside and outside. I was set. I was ready. And then it started to rain. Pregame, I was at the ballpark early so I could finally meet the awesome Samara of equally fantastic Tigers blog Roar Of The Tigers. When I arrived, she was out in center field, waiting in line for Mr.… [more]

.@Jerkwheatery @metschick HA! WE ARE READY TO DEFEAT YOU

Jun 22nd, 2010


TBF’s family is from Detroit; generally this means that TBF walks around saying things like “This house is rooting for the Tigers” and I go put on my Joe Mauer shirt. However, now that the Tigers are returning to play the Mets, all bets are off. His uncle sent a text message on Sunday that read “PUT IT IN THE BOOKS, ROAR” which resulted in a very heated telephone conversation and a friendly wager being arranged. Some taunting along the lines of, “And I’ll go spend my winnings down at Peter Luger’s” was issued. The above photo was produced one evening when some of my Tigers compatriots also got cocky.… [more]


Jun 21st, 2010


Update! We have Cubs, Twins and now Angels fans on board with the voting trade! Ladies and gentlemen of the Mets fan sphere, this is a disgrace. David Wright coming in at #2 for All Star Voting? Behind Placido Polanco? Really? You really want to see Placido effing Polanco start the All Star Game at third base? Do you truly believe this is an accurate estimation of performance, or is it just a reflection of the fact that Phillies fans possess opposable thumbs that allow them to easily punch out those little circles in the All Star Game ballots inbetween throwing up on other fans and letting their children consume alcohol at games?… [more]


Jun 19th, 2010


Mets v Yankees 6-19-10 Subway Series When a post title is the title of a song I hate by a band I hate, you have to know that it was a miserable day for me in the Bronx. It was miserable because we had our newly-minted ace on the hill, who was not acting at all ace-like. It was miserable because Jose hit two HR’s and it didn’t make a difference. It was miserable because the bats had vanished. It was miserable because the Yankees decided to bring some offense. Oh, what am I saying – it was miserable because we lost.… [more]