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Twins tickets in! | metsgrrl.com

Twins tickets in!

We had given up finding something suitable and affordable, until I checked the Twins site just one more time. Twins fans are overly impressed; to a New York baseball fan, these were remarkably affordable. These are gorgeous – and this is the single game ticket stock, not Season Ticket stock! Beautiful.

Got my Twins tickets today. This is the SINGLE GAME ticket stock.

4 Responses to “Twins tickets in!”

  1. Glad you got good seats!

    We aren’t too overly impressed because it’s hard to jump from really cheap seats one year to almost double-prices the next.

  2. clr says:

    I didn’t mean to sound obnoxious – but when I told @TC_00 where I was sitting, he asked me who I knew to get those seats. And he’s your MASCOT!! :-)

  3. Ken says:

    Heading to Target Field this coming Friday. I live in NY, but went to Grad School at the U. (19 years ago!). I’m heading back for a friend’s wedding. I figured it would be my only reason to head back to the mini apple, check out my old apartment downtown, wander the U, and see the new stadium. I’m selling off my Mets/Yankees tickets for Saturday to help pay for a portion of the excursion. Twins fans should be excited to see me back in town. I was there from 1987 to 1991 the last time and feel I was personally responsible for both championships. Well, maybe Kirby helped a little :-)

  4. Ken says:

    You’ve probably received the low-down from your Twins friends, but the park and surroundings are very nice. It’s a typical HOK design, but what makes the place is that all roads leading to the park are very Twins-y (for lack of better terminology). Since you’re in downtown, there are plenty of eateries and bars leading up to the park that were jammed with fans. Target Plaza and the other entrances contained different element of Twins history (be it a Rod Carew statue or Twins HOF plaques). Also a nice midwestern atmosphere during the game. No crazed drunken fights between Brewers and Twins fans :-) I can’t say I missed the experience I would have had at CitiField today for the Subway Series.