When it comes to baseball, and the Mets, our household is a little, how shall I put this, unbalanced. That’s the only explanation I can give you for why TBF was poking around on this weekend, looking at what tickets were available for our Friday plan. That’s right, the one we already have, the one we have already argued with the Mets about – for some reason, my companion felt the need to peruse the ticket selection.

“Look at this!” he said.”There’s tickets in our section – IN THE ROW IN FRONT OF US!”
“Really? Are you sure?”
“Yes! Why did they not offer these to us!”
“It’s just one row…”
“But it’s still an upgrade.”
“True. Maybe I should call and see if they can move us up.”

So I called. I stopped what I was doing this morning and went and found an empty conference room and dialed the Mets. I waited on hold while the rep checked, I waited on hold again, and then he came back on and said that yes, he could move us, but we wouldn’t be able to have the commemorative plan holder booklet and special tickets. We already knew that was likely, and were okay with that if we could move up a row.

The rep starts clicking on the computer. I am getting excited. I know, it’s just a row, but it’s progress! It’s something!
“Oh,” he says. “I see. I can’t do this.”
“Why not?”
“Because it’s three seats, and the computer won’t let me split them.”
“What do you mean?”
“The computer will not let us split three tickets into two and one.”
“Why not?”
“That’s just how they work.”
“But there was a guy next to us last year who just owned one seat…”
“And if someone bought that seat, then I could sell you the two seats.”
“This is stupid. It is stupid that someone who walks up to the box office will sit in a better seat than a plan holder.”
“That’s just how it works. There’s nothing I can do. Everyone works that way, not just us.”

The last bit is what got me. Really? Everyone treats their plan ticket holders like this? Really? You’ll alienate the people who have been giving you money consistently because, gosh, the computer won’t let you break up three seats.

When I complained, he said, “We could move you to another section. We did open up three sections this year.”
“Caesar’s Club, left field…” and I didn’t hear the rest because IF SOMEONE IS BUYING SEATS IN THE PROMENADE THAT’S BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT THEY CAN AFFORD TO BUY and I started seeing black. “Oh, thanks Bob at the ticketing office, it never occurred to me that I could sit three levels down, I only bought the tickets up here in the stratosphere because I thought that was all there was!”

I hung up the phone and felt way more defeated than I probably should.

We thought about writing a letter and sending it overnight and trying to push it, but it won’t matter, because no one at the Mets gives a damn about our one 15 game plan, no one gives a damn that we bought one plan instead of two, no one there gives a damn about anyone except corporate suite holders and full season ticket holders – and even then barely. They want to sell the whole ballpark to full season ticket holders and let those people resell the tickets for them, on which, of course, the Mets get a cut, because MLB is in bed with Stubhub. Our friends in other cities all advise us to just find the $10k and buy a full season and surely with our network of connections, we’d be able to sell all the tickets, but frankly, I just refuse to do that. In this economy it would be unconscionable to over-extend like that. And with this team, there is zero guarantee that we would sell enough tickets to other people.

The Mets had better seats available than what we have and instead of upgrading the people who suffered through the last few years, dealing with the bullshit payment deadlines and the rest of it, they couldn’t be bothered.

None of this is new. None of this should be surprising. But it just still continues to completely confound how little they care about their fans. Maybe if the guy had been sympathetic, maybe if he had offered any kind of tone except the one he did offer. Maybe if he had offered a “thank you for supporting the team”.

Unfortunately, the choice is to stop seeing live baseball or keep being treated like this. They know we’ll be back, so they can keep doing it. The media writes about it, and they still don’t care. They don’t care because they don’t have to care.

Not caring is the one thing they do a fantastic job at, I’ll give them that.

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