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Jan 20th, 2010


“You got a book,” TBF said, pointing at the thin, flat package waiting for me on the kitchen table. I picked up the bubble mailer and started to open it. I wasn’t expecting anything, thought it might be some random PR mailing. After a few seconds, the item inside felt less like a book and more like… a picture. In a frame. It was a photo of Opening Day 2009, from the Mets. “Oh,” said TBF. “It’s our ‘you just bought tickets from us’ gift.” Except that it wasn’t. There was a little slip of paper – easy to miss – that said “Happy Holidays 2009”.… [more]


Jan 14th, 2010


Just trying to stay positive. Put up pretty pictures, cross my fingers, close my eyes, and click my heels together. We WILL have a good 2010 season, we WILL have a good 2010 season…… [more]


Jan 13th, 2010


I was effectively offline for most of the evening, and emerged from the subway around 10pm. While waiting for the bus, I idly checked Twitter. And then realized I couldn’t sort through hours and hours of tweeting. (The best take on tonight’s panic is courtesy Wrigleyville 23, oddly enough.) I called home. “No seriously, WTF?! Beltran?” “12 weeks.” “Not Beltran!” “Yep.” “Our All Star, Gold Glove center fielder.” “Yep.” “#[email protected]^%” (Imagine the Tasmanian Devil when you read that.) The hipster girl standing next to me looks annoyed that my whining is interrupting her listening to the new Vampire Weekend. I hang up.… [more]

Jan 11th, 2010


9/8/98: I found out that Mark McGwire broke the HR record from Eddie Vedder on the stage of the Brendan Byrne Arena (okay, so it was actually Continental Airlines Arena at that point, but just barely). It’s the only original thing I have to add to the McGwire media blitz.… [more]