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Nov 30th, 2009


Kind Commenter Ken chimed in on the Thanksgiving post to note that his invoice discount amounted to much smaller than the Wilpons had indicated. Some people on Twitter were talking about anything from a 1.5% decrease to a 15% decrease – and one person I chatted with did, in fact, have a 13% decrease. So, let’s see the numbers. Don’t average, please – post what your invoice was last year and what it is this year. Just give us the numbers and let everyone else do the math. Be sure to also let us know your thoughts about the wonderful, customer-friendly email they sent regarding payment.… [more]

Nov 25th, 2009


The invoices were waiting for me in the mailbox when I came home last night. There’s a price drop but it’s miniscule, the difference being a week of lunches or something trivial, not enough to make any impact or any difference. They are not extending the partial plans beyond the current locations; they are not offering us any new perks. Unlike our old, trusty Tuesday-Friday plan, we don’t get to see every team that comes to play the Mets unless we buy two plans, which we’re not doing. We’re keeping one and we’ll let the other one go. We’ll still spend the same amount of money on baseball, but the other half of the budget will go to games we care about being at and going to see the team on the road.… [more]


Nov 11th, 2009


Someone wrote in earlier demanding that I update the site, talk about the Hot Stove, and who I think we should get. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I’m not quite sure when this site was ever a news and information blog, but I figured I might as well update. Regarding the Hot Stove: As someone noted on Twitter earlier today, “According to my sources, every player in Major League Baseball is available via trade.” I do not buy the Matt Holliday bubbehmeises for one half of one second and you shouldn’t either. The Boras Client Goes For The Money. Period. End.… [more]