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Sep 30th, 2009


Our last Mets game of the season was for Friday night. The Astros. We were going. It was already a very busy weekend, we had people in town, but we were going. Suck or not, it was the last game of the year for us. The last set of tickets in the book. There would have been a ceremonial tearing-out-of-the tickets from the book, a small moment of silence, perhaps a tiny pause because baseball for the year was coming to an end. And then Bruce Springsteen announced he’d be playing the album Darkness On The Edge of Town in full Friday night at Giants Stadium.… [more]

Sep 29th, 2009


I threw the idea out on Twitter and got a deluge. I want to be very clear: this is for women who write about sports, or are interested in sportswriting, or comment or Tweet or what have you. Sport doesn’t matter. You can be a journalism student. You can be thinking about blogging. Women who write about women’s sports are also very welcome. College sports, high school sports… just that it’s supportive of women. This is going to be the female sports blogger/writer version of She’s Geeky. It’s not meant to be exclusionary, just meant to give women a voice and network freely without being dominated by the majority.… [more]


Sep 18th, 2009


Believe it or not, it wasn’t so bad after all. For one, the park wasn’t deserted. It was Friday, and people were still showing up for their first time at Citi Field, judging by the endless photos and mall walking and gawking. I made it from the train to the Taqueria and up to my seat before the anthem had started. It wasn’t raining or freezing, I didn’t need the wool socks and rain shoes I had put on early this morning. It was Friday. It was payday. The train wasn’t crowded. It was Batting Helmet Night. Really, I was going to be positive about all of this.… [more]

Sep 17th, 2009


I started to write something, about how when I realized I had a game to go to tomorrow my immediate reaction wasn’t enthusiasm, it was dread. It was dragging-my-feet, oh GOD it’s cold and it might RAIN and now I have to schlep all this crap to the office or I will be miserable at the game. It was realizing that I could go and suffer or I could stay home and be annoyed that I lost the money I paid for these tickets. If I go I’ll be miserable because the Mets cannot play major league baseball, and if I stay home I will start making Wilpon family voodoo dolls.… [more]

Sep 14th, 2009


I wanted to write, and then I didn’t want to write, and then this all came out as a comment over at Faith & Fear, and remembered that the reason I do not comment is because then my best stuff gets lost in a comment instead of a blog post: I was heartbroken, a tiny bit. I was heartbroken in that it was Pedro, that – to quote someone I cannot remember on Twitter last night – when Pedro played for US, if there was a breeze blowing the wrong way in the dugout he was injured for weeks, but for Philly, he will go 120 pitches or whatever insane number it was – because that crowd stood and cheered for him as though he belonged to them, when he’s nothing more than a rental, a grand FUCK YOU to us, that the Keystone Cops that masquerade as on-air commentators treated this game and that moment as those it was the final out of the World Series.… [more]


Sep 9th, 2009

NUMBER 9 DREAM. [9-9-09]

You will ask me why I went to the last four Mets games, you will ask me why I bother, you will ask me why I care. People saw me mentioning the desperate need for a coffee stop on the way to the 7 and offered the comment that I had been to too many games lately. I usually enjoy these self-imposed bouts of diligence; it is honestly a very different experience to go two or three or more times in a row, and I always get something out of it, always feel like it helps me grow as a baseball fan.… [more]


Sep 8th, 2009

GET BACK. [9-8-09]

It was only the second inning, and already, TBF was grumbling in the general direction of Tim Redding. “Paging Dan Warthen. DAN WARTHEN.” “Please come to the white courtesy phone.” “‘Coaching visit to mound.'” Redding walked Dan Uggla. Now they had runners on first and second. “Hey, Uggla. You’re UGLY,” I ventured, resorting to the tried and true. “He is ugly,” TBF agreed. Finally, Mr. Warthen emerged from the dugout and jogged out to the mound. “I don’t see this ending well,” TBF said, sighing. “Do you want some ice cream?” When Citi Field is only partially full, you can go get ice cream whenever you want, because there will be no lines, and because it will be frozen.… [more]


Sep 6th, 2009


Today was everything that yesterday wasn’t: yesterday I got a sunburn, today we never saw a sunbeam anywhere near our section. Yesterday I sweltered in jeans, today I wore a skirt and had to wrap a tshirt around my legs to keep warm. And, of course, yesterday the Mets lost, and today, improbably, we won. When single game tickets went on sale in April, it seemed like a good idea to buy these tickets. It was the only series we didn’t get as part of either of our plans, and it was Francisco Rodriguez bobblehead day. Of course we should go.… [more]


Sep 5th, 2009

LEFT OF CENTER. [9-5-09]

Today was my first regular season day game, my first regular season weekend game, and my first regular season game where I was not in Section 514. I was out in Section 531, where I exclaimed with delight upon encountering a section with the famed “blind spot”: I exclaimed with delight because I have wanted to experience this for myself, so I could be knowledgeable about the situation, and not just adopting the tiresome THE BALLPARK IS AWESOME STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT IT’S NOT THAT BAD attitude that is all the rage this season, from people who had been to the ballpark once or twice at best.… [more]

rally cat

Sep 1st, 2009


[I am on vacation, somewhere I cannot see what the Mets are doing in real time, which is the reason for these types of evergreen posts. I’ll be back just in time to welcome the Cubs to Our New World Class Home.] Thanks to the wonder that is Twitter, I gathered these responses a few weeks back: Minimouz: “I try and make my cats wear the sundae helmets!” bigleaguestew: “I bring ’em on long walks w/ the dog so she can have a drink at water fountains.” VitaminCM: “Sundae helmets make great every day china if you are a bachelor” “I use mine for lip balm and lip gloss.… [more]