Dear incompetent ninnies:

On a day where heat advisories are being issued, and people are being told to stay indoors and near air conditioning, YOU LET PEOPLE BRING IN BOTTLES OF WATER. OPENED OR NOT. PERIOD. It is UNCONSCIONABLE to disallow perfectly fine bottles of water because they are open in weather like this. Take the extra five minutes that you’re using to try to confiscate a woman’s asthma inhaler and open a bottle and smell it. It is unconscionable that you disallow empty bottles – if you’re allowing full sealed bottles in the ballpark, eventually they are going to be EMPTY bottles, so what is the point of banning empty bottles? And finally, you DO NOT use the weather as a chance to promote a sponsor! It’s one thing to have Alex remind us all to stay hydrated, it is cheap and sleazy in the extreme to use that warning to promote [brand of water sold at Citi Field which I will not give a free plug to].

Can you people not get anything right? No really. Just one goddamn thing? The simplest, easiest thing, like letting fans bring water bottles in on a hot day. Can you not just stop being ridiculous and inept for five minutes?

With kindest regards, etc.

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