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Aug 29th, 2009


This post mostly addresses practical issues for people who have never been to a baseball game. I also have information for what to wear to a baseball game in bad weather. WidgetsWhat should a girl wear to a baseball game?“ I always feel sorry for the women I see get off the 7 train on game nights wearing nice trousers, cute shoes, and carrying the big fancy leather purse that is all the rage these days. You can always tell who’s the diehard fan who just got out of work late, and who hasn’t been to a game since she was 12 (if ever).… [more]

Aug 26th, 2009


I have a guest post about Mr. Wagner up at one of my favorite Red Sox blogs, Center Field. … [more]


Aug 24th, 2009


Remember this game? When we first saw Citi Field, I carefully noted this photo of Johan: Because I had gotten that shot myself, albeit from a lot higher up, and from the other side: We used to joke that he should be put in bubble wrap after every start. Clearly, we were right. I just don’t even know what to say.… [more]

Aug 24th, 2009


TOMORROW! Next Tuesday, 8/25, join me, along with Greg Prince and Jason Fry from Faith and Fear in Flushing (your hosts with the mosts!) and Dana Brand, author of Mets Fan, at the next installment of Amazin’ Tuesdays. There will be beer. There will be Mets fans. There will be pizza. There will, unfortunately, be a Mets game on the big screen televisions. Free drink with any – and I do mean ANY – Mets baseball card. (I used Philip Humber at the last one of these.) “Two Boots Tavern owner Phil Hartman invites all Mets fans to his place on the Lower East Side for a monthly gathering that features a unique lineup of “literary readings, game watching, consciousness raising, pizza eating, Rheingold drinking, cocktail shaking, Yankee baiting, memorabilia gawking and seven steps support as needed.” Like we couldn’t all use a drink right about now.… [more]


Aug 23rd, 2009


The worst part is, WE HAD HIM. (Okay, the worst part was that it was a game against the Phillies but you know what I mean.) GROUP HUG TIME. I think it might be time to try to stop watching baseball for a little while. I don’t know if I can do it.… [more]

Aug 21st, 2009


When we were waiting for food last night (Blue Smoke, if you care), I saw Mr. Met walk toward Kiddie Field. Given that I haven’t seen him walking around anywhere all year, I made the comment “Given how bad things are around here, he should be manning a kissing booth at every game.” Which got me thinking: what could the Mets organization be doing now to make things more bearable for us for the rest of the year? Please note that I am not in favor of activating any player currently on the DL for ceremonial purposes, just to get them back on the field in 2009.… [more]


Aug 20th, 2009

WELCOME BACK. [8-20-09]


Aug 18th, 2009


The vagaries of our two ticket plans converged this week, and we had tickets for Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. Three games in one week is a little much, even for us; three games in one week is a little much when the Mets play like crap; three games in one week is a little much when The Last Met Standing is no longer at third base. As you might guess, there is negative resale value for Mets tickets right now, and it’s not like we’re going to sit home when we have valid tickets to a baseball game. So we went back out to Flushing for the second night in a row, teeth gritted.… [more]

Aug 18th, 2009


A regular commenter mentioned it on my water bottle rant from last night, and several people on Twitter also reported seeing piles of sunscreen tubes, bottles and the like piled up on the security tables at the entrance to Citi Field on Sunday. There is nothing in the Mets A-Z Guide regarding the prohibition of any type of sunscreen. This is beyond unconscionable. Even the Yankees got taken to task on this exact idiocy last year and ended up relenting, because there was no sound reason for it. Did you have your sunscreen confiscated? Did you see the piles of sunscreen containers?… [more]


Aug 17th, 2009

HELPLESS. [8-17-09]

TBF: “There seem to be no major league ballplayers on the field!” Me: “You didn’t *really* call them and say that, did you?” “TIM REDDING YOU SUCK!” By our reckoning, this was one of the top three worst games of the year. It wasn’t worse than the Castillo game, it wasn’t worse than that game in Baltimore where Frankie blew it, it wasn’t as bad as that 15-0 game (which, blessedly, we were not at), but goddamnit, this game was brutal. Absolutely brutal. I was astonished how many people said they had tickets to tonight’s game. I was equally astonished at how many people were actually in the ballpark when I arrived, even though the Shake Shack line at 6:30pm was the shortest I have seen it all year, aside from games in the pouring rain.… [more]

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