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Jul 31st, 2009

“TO THE MOON, ALICE!” [7-31-09]

This is where it gets tough. What to say about this game, this team, this point in the season? I have spent the last two hours trying to think of something, anything to say. Oddly, I would like to take some kind of promise from tonight’s game. I know, that seems odd and impossible. TBF was stalking the 7 train platform after the game, insisting that this was the same team from earlier this year and that nothing had changed, except that maybe Daniel Murphy was getting used to playing first base. I don’t know that he’s not wrong, but I don’t feel as completely dejected and hopeless as I did earlier in the season.… [more]


Jul 30th, 2009


[Please note: there is negative Mets content in this post. If that bothers you, please move on, nothing to see here.] I headed to Baltimore yesterday to meet up with a fellow blogger who was in the area, and to watch Zack Greinke pitch. My only chances of seeing him were to go to Baltimore, or to trek up the House of Evil (if I even hit the rotation right when they were in town). I chose the Baltimore option because it’s a much nicer place to see a game, and because you could buy sets five rows behind the visitor’s dugout for the princely sum of $32 (which was about $16 below face).… [more]


Jul 28th, 2009


If it was any other team, it wouldn’t have been a remarkable game. Yes, we won, and yes, there were some stellar defensive plays. Yes, Daniel Murphy stepped up and showed us what he is capable of. Yes, the team actually clicked, actually worked together well. No, there were no head-in-hands, utterly deflating errors that would cause the team to be the laughing stock of the major leagues for another few weeks. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was miles better than much of what I had witnessed in person recently. We forget that that is supposed to happen every night.… [more]

Jul 27th, 2009


I sat down to live Tweet the press conference for something to do for a few minutes, not realizing what a circus it would turn into. Catch up here. At Citi on Tuesday and Friday, and on Wednesday I will be back in Baltimore to see Zack Greinke pitch. More later. P.S. “I came to feel that for me to leave the team at the end of the 2009 season is best for the Shigemitsu family and for the Chiba Lotte Marines, and so I wanted to make this announcement about the decision as soon as possible.”[more]

Jul 22nd, 2009


I have never written a review of this year’s Mets Weekly, given the backlash I got here last year when I dared to voice an opinion on the show. (Jocelyn Smith was a trainwreck and I stand by everything I said.) Julie is awesome. She’s funny, she’s comfortable, she’s not pretentious, she doesn’t look like she’s always worried about her hair getting messed up, she knows her stuff and clearly does her homework. And she’s an actual Mets fan! If you think she’s funny too, you might want to come see her comedy debut next week, at Comix comedy club in Manhattan, as part of the 12 Angry Mascots sports-comedy show co-hosted by Scott Rogowsky with Neil Janowitz of ESPN the Magazine.… [more]

Jul 22nd, 2009


(sung to the tune of “Jose Jose Jose”) We suck, we suck we suck we suck Oh, yes, we suck, we really suck TBF: “Did we just drop a series to *THE NATIONALS*???!!!” Yes. Why, yes we did. Twitter this morning was bubbling over with cries for Jerry and Omar’s head. After everything calmed down a tad, I noted that it was too bad that the Mets organization could care less about social media, because they would have learned that Omar’s PR appearance – with support from Gary Cohen, lobbing him softballs – was a dismal failure and just alienated the fanbase even further.… [more]


Jul 18th, 2009


2011 UPDATE IN PROGRESS: Key things updated, like new gate opening times, ticketing options & service charges, and tour info. I need a few more visits before it’s finalized. Welcome to Citi Field, home of the 2011 New York Mets. This is the fan guide, the unofficial guide, the list of things that I, as a fan coming to visit the place, would want to know. it is not meant to replace any official information offered by the Mets and MLB, which should remain your official source of information. This guide to Citi Field is highly subjective, representing the experience of a Mets fan who goes to 25-30 games a year.… [more]

Jul 18th, 2009


Yes, this is my home park. I like to think that I am more analytical than the average fan, that I can see my ballpark with an outsider's perspective, and to some extent, I think I do that.

Jul 17th, 2009


Greg from Faith and Fear In Flushing and Jon from Mets By The Numbers are hosting a little shindig – the first in a series! – on Tuesday, July 21, that deserves a mention and the seal of approval: Mets fans might occasionally find themselves aggravated this summer but they won’t find themselves alone. Two Boots Tavern has seen to that with the inauguration of AMAZIN’ TUESDAYS, a monthly gathering of Mets fans featuring literary readings, game watching, consciousness raising, pizza eating, Rheingold drinking, cocktail shaking, Yankee baiting, memorabilia gawking, and seven steps support as needed. The first of the three AMAZIN’ TUESDAYS, July 21, will offer insights from ESPN Uni Watch columnist and Mets fan extraordinaire Paul Lukas and Mets historian and author Matthew Silverman who will discuss his new book written with Keith Hernandez.… [more]

Jul 15th, 2009


For your off-day viewing pleasure, the following posts about Fenway, Camden and the new Yankee Stadium are available: On The Road: Fenway Park On The Road: Oriole Park at Camden Yards On The Road: Yankee Stadium Enjoy your baseball-free day! TBF is going down to Keyspan Park tonight, but I suspect I will be staying home and enjoying the night off. Commenting is back again.… [more]

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