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Jun 30th, 2009


Yes, that is how desperate we are here at MetsGrrl Headquarters: we are resorting to pictures of baby otters to keep our morale up. (Whaddya want, this is a chick blog, remember?) Perhaps it will help you. Or, you will think that I have gone completely off the deep end. You are probably not that far from the truth. I know, I should not watch the games, but I cannot resist watching a Santana start. What is everyone else doing for distraction? Just go look at the adorable baby otters again. You could Google “baby otters” and get some delightful You Tube videos, but I am not sinking that low here on the blog… just yet anyway.… [more]


Jun 29th, 2009


As long as no one is going to tell me to stop being cranky, or that I need to be less angry, and as long as you’re not a Yankees fan, the floor is all yours. Have at it. Right now, I am still speechless. … [more]


Jun 28th, 2009


I headed down to Coney Island today to check out Oliver Perez’ rehab start with the Cyclones. Ollie did well, 6 K’s, 72 pitches, 2 walks, 2 hits. I started to feel like he wasn’t throwing enough strikes towards the end of his outing, but attribute that to a nervous Mets fan wanting her pitcher back in the rotation than any real serious analysis. Oliver’s delivery seemed more controlled. His movement was smoother, he flails about less in his landing. Of course it’s easy to be in control when you’re throwing a minor league game, time will tell if he can transfer anything he’s learned in this rehab outing to the big time.… [more]


Jun 27th, 2009


This is Mr. Met’s take on the series thus far. Go right ahead, Yankees fans. Beat your chests and preen and shout, you beat a team consisting of Daniel Murphy, Argenis Reyes, Alex Cora, Brian Schneider, Jeremy Reed, led by that Cy Young contender Tim Redding, with David Wright striking out big and before you say “Gary Sheffield,” remember that he’s the player that the Tigers were happy to pay US to take off their hands. So, yeah, you go right ahead and brag about that. Tomorrow night? Maybe? Chien-Ming Wang? Could we actually get some hits early on so I don’t have to spend half the game Tweeting to jinx the no-hitter?… [more]


Jun 26th, 2009


I was [] this close to wearing my MAINE-TALLICA shirt and going down to Aberdeen to see his rehab start, but sanity prevailed and I’m only going as far as Coney Island on Sunday to see OP. Fernando Nieve has been a prince, but I have run out of appendages to cross during his starts. I’m not even all that confident about Oliver being consistent once he’s back in the rotation. We need John Maine back and healthy.… [more]


Jun 26th, 2009


I don’t know why they need a vote – however, at least this selection of songs shows someone was TRYING to put some thought behind the thing, instead of just going through the Top 25 Most Played playlist on Jeff Wilpon’s iPod. But let’s run them down, song by song, shall we? “Curly Shuffle” should be reserved for special occasions. Like when we’re in contention and in a big game, or during playoffs. Not every game. “Hooked On A Feeling” – I don’t even understand where this comes from. Did someone cover this on “American Idol”? “I Like It Like That” – Another left field choice.… [more]

Jun 25th, 2009


I try to be judicious about what promo opportunities I pimp here, but there was so much unintentional humor that I had to post it. Plus, it’s in Midtown and on Friday, so the chances of people being able to check it out are higher than your usual activity. YANKEES’ JOBA CHAMBERLAIN AND METS’ DANIEL MURPHY JOIN DELTA TO SEND FANS TO THE SUBWAY SERIES FOR “FIRST CLASS” EXPERIENCE New York Yankee Joba Chamberlain, New York Met Daniel Murphy and Delta Air Lines are sending fans with the most team flair to this weekend’s Subway Series at Citi Field to watch the game in truly “first class” seats at the ballpark.… [more]

Jun 24th, 2009


In the spirit of cross-town cooperation, and because I got inside intel when I went to the House of Evil, I’d like to offer the following quick guidelines for the weekend: 1) You can bring drinks into Citi Field. No bottles and no cans, but plastic bottles are fine. It would be best if they were unopened – the policy has been enforced inconsistently, I wouldn’t take chances this weekend on getting something open in. 2) You can bring food into Citi Field. Knock yourself out. Doesn’t even need to be in a clear plastic bag. 3) You can bring bags into Citi Field, but don’t be silly and try to bring a wheeled carry-on or a large backpack or anything ridiculous like that.… [more]

Jun 23rd, 2009


Saturday night, this was the conversation Chez MetsGrrl: TBF: “431, row 6.” Me: “How much?” “$85 a ticket, but will take best offer.” “Offer him $150. Season ticket holder?” “No, pickup in New Jersey.” “First find out if we can go get the tickets tonight.” “It’s 8pm.” “Where does he live?” “Lakewood.” “Drop that price to $125.” “What about these in 230? Same price.” “Too far out.” “Have you already called Ticketmaster?” “Twice. There is nothing available in the Grandstand.” “Are you really sure you want to spend that much money on a game at the House of Evil?” In the end, I told him that if he wanted to go, he should go on his own; I decided I wasn’t up to dropping that kind of cash, even for a Johan start, and about an hour later, after hunting and pecking some more through the secondary market, TBF also decided he was calling it quits.… [more]


Jun 20th, 2009

RAY OF LIGHT. [6-19-09]

Tonight, the Mets Welcomed… the members of the Downtown Little League Association. I am fond of the Downtown Little Leaguers because these are city kids, they are tough and street-wise, but put them on that field and they are happy as clams. Especially darling was watching a particularly young group of them leaving the field, all of whom decided they needed to jump over the foul line, but they weren’t leaping like Oliver (RIP) or El Duque, they were hopping with both feet. Some of them were so excited by the idea that they were going to do this that they were hopping down the warning track before they even got to the foul line.… [more]