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May 30th, 2009


Apparently “Sweet Caroline” showed up in the 5th inning today. Enough is enough. If you want to put a stop to this, now is the time to act. Writing on this blog – or any web site – is not going to get their attention. Every letter, email or phone call will. I am asking you to take three minutes to write to Mets Fan Feedback or use their web form. Feel free to use the message below. Leave a message in the comments if you contacted the Mets about this. To whom it may concern: I was delighted to see you get rid of “Sweet Caroline” at Friday’s game against the Marlins.… [more]

May 29th, 2009


I spent some time during tonight’s game Twittering about the absence of “Meet The Mets,” after it once again didn’t appear in the second inning. I know a journalist was working on a story about it being gone, and Jay Horwitz kept insisting they were still playing it. I was wondering if Lincoln-Mercury or Jack’s Steak House wouldn’t want to sponsor a nice, wholesome singalong to “Meet The Mets” instead of whatever lame trivia or ‘find the ball’ game they currently sponsor. I was going to keep doing this until it started annoying someone. We got to the 8th inning singalong, and TBF and I – along with a few dozen others – started booing as soon as the graphic appeared on Diamondvision.… [more]

May 29th, 2009


The Mets are no longer allowing UNSEALED bottles of beverages to be taken into Citi Field. This information is not on the Mets’ web site, nor is it posted anywhere; however, they are enforcing this fairly consistently. We had a run-in with security over this on Wednesday, who accused us of taking vodka in our water bottles – but we found out (by reading other message boards) that the same thing (including the justification that fans could be taking in liquor) happened to several other fans. I understand the reasons for it; I know that this is common at other ballparks; I know that other ballparks don’t allow any drinks at all.… [more]

May 29th, 2009


To whom it may concern: Why is there no reflection of the history, personality and brand of the New York Mets throughout the regular spaces of the ballpark? I am not one of those fans arguing that the outfield walls should be blue, or that the ushers should wear blue and orange. I understand that these items are likely technical or logistical considerations, and not a matter of branding. However, the complete lack of personality throughout the regular public spaces of the ballpark is difficult to comprehend. When the scoreboards are off, there is no Mets logo anywhere to be seen, except on the sides of the chairs.… [more]


May 27th, 2009


I suppose none of it should surprise us any more, that what for any other team would be a bulletproof win – a Johan Santana start against the Washington Nationals – would end up being a comedy of errors and almost painful to watch. Before this game started, people were proclaiming that tonight would be the no hitter – I blame each and every one of you, whether someone on Twitter or this random guy sitting behind us in row 15, who felt the need to vocalize this directly, for Johan’s off night. Yes, TBF asked me what would cheer me up before the game started, and I had the good grace to describe it as “the thing whose name we dare not speak”.… [more]


May 27th, 2009


TBF and I spent part of the drive home from Boston ranking all the ballparks we have visited (coming in a future post), and spent a lot of time discussing Citi Field and where it falls, and why. One of the things that gets us the most is that when you take a shot of the ballpark, and there isn’t a “Citi Field” sign within that shot, it’s not immediately recognizable. It’s way too generic. This was my attempt to try to fix that: Instead of hiding the championship banners in the back corner by the Old Home Run Apple, let’s give up SNY’s ad (which I will guess is probably a placeholder because they couldn’t sell the space) to their already-captive audience.… [more]


May 26th, 2009


ABOUT TIME. For all of it. FMart up, Reyes on the DL.… [more]


May 25th, 2009

BLUE SUNDAY. [5-24-09]

We got to Fenway early on Sunday, forgetting that it was a 1:30 start and not a 1:10 start – this was fine because this was our day to walk around the ballpark. But once we emerged in the outfield, I was slightly distressed to discover that the Mets were taking BP. A day game after a night game, no one expects them to take BP; however, while I was irked I wasn’t behind the dugout shooting, as a fan I was thrilled to see the extra effort – and got some good shots anyway. Our seats were in the bleachers on Sunday; miraculously, a colleague who has season tickets offered them to us at face value – a miracle compared to the $260 we dropped on the secondary market for Saturday’s infield Grandstand tickets (although those were worth every penny, and their equivalent would have been more expensive at Citi Field at face value).… [more]

May 25th, 2009


Fenway is billed as "America's Most Beloved Ballpark" and I guess it's easy as a NL fan to give it credit where it's due. I don't have to fight for tickets to Fenway on a regular basis, I don't have to sit in its tiny, cramped seats every week, and I don't have to deal with the drunken gauntlet to get to and from the ballpark. I'm a big fan of the old ballparks. Fenway has managed to capture the best of both worlds: the old, original ballpark, upgraded within an inch of its life. The seats may be uncomfortable and you may be jockeying around poles to see the game on the field, but there are ample bathrooms, concessions and space to walk around.


May 25th, 2009

THE 9TH INNING. [5-23-09]

I have a confession to make: I was really looking forward to seeing Jonathan Papelbon in action. Don’t get me wrong; even though I happen to own an unofficial Papelbon shirt (it was a present!), there was no question of loyalties or anything even close this weekend. I just love the drama of the closer and this guy epitomizes that. So the Papelbon entrance was just gorgeous to me. And I loved it for the fan response. I loved that they sang that insufferable Dropkick Murphys song with gusto, that a million flashes went off, that everyone was on their feet, that the sound system was blasting (the sound was crystal clear!!) and the place was rocking.… [more]