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Mar 31st, 2009


Longtime readers of will undoubtedly be sad to learn that this year, there will be no suspense-filled tale of myself and TBF foraging through the wilds of Brooklyn or Queens in search of the shipping provider depot. This year, MLB went over to UPS (since DHL no longer does domestic shipping, praise all deities) and UPS will happily redirect your packages to your office. I carried the contents of the package home, and set everything on the coffee table for the annual unveiling. The package was definitely a letdown this year. You had your traditional Media Guide and, of course, the book of tickets: (The opening day tickets are appropriately festive, I am happy to report.) And then, the traditional unveiling of the commemorative item.… [more]


Mar 29th, 2009


If you are looking for information about Citi Field, I would refer you to my comprehensive Citi Field Guide instead. Like everyone else, we went out to Citi Field today to check the place out during the St. John’s vs. Georgetown game. Most people just wanted to walk around and see the new place. There were cameras everywhere. I felt sorry for the people who genuinely came to watch the game; at one point I suggested to TBF that we take our section 110, Row 2 seats, head up to the top of the Promenade level, and hand them over to someone sitting up there.… [more]

Mar 27th, 2009


One of the things I love most about going to the ballpark is that it’s full of stories. Everyone sitting near you has a story about who they are, and how they came to love baseball, and why they’re Mets fans. The stories are always interesting (at least to me), they are almost never boring. Get someone talking and you will open up a door into another world. So it would make sense that I would love Faith And Fear In Flushing (the eponymous book written by Greg Prince of that esteemed site). But it was more than that. Once I picked it up, I discovered that I couldn’t put it down.… [more]


Mar 25th, 2009


[UPDATED and corrected.] One of the things I left out of the Citi Field Preview because I didn’t want it to get lost was the existence of an Open Workout Day for Plan Holders. It was in the brochure we picked up when we walked in, so of course, it was one of the many questions we peppered our guide with. As others have posted in the Preview comment thread, the workout is on Sunday, April 5. It is ONLY for Ticket Plan holders. Gates open at 9:30, workout starts at 11 and is scheduled for an hour and a half.… [more]


Mar 21st, 2009


If you are looking for information about Citi Field, I would refer you to my comprehensive Citi Field Guide instead. [Welcome to readers from MetsBlog, Baseball Musings, Baseball Fever and everywhere else.] It is difficult right now for me to put into words how and what you will feel when you walk into the new Mets ballpark for the first time. I have been sad, and angry, and with the downgrade of my planholding and the loss of the People’s Seats I have felt seriously disenfranchised as a fan. The demise of Shea was heartbreaking, even for a newbie such as myself.… [more]


Mar 18th, 2009


Yes, I was still rooting for Puerto Rico last night, even up until the end, until TBF knocked on my door and said, “C’mon, David Wright’s gonna win it now.” And then how could you not cheer for D. Wright, that perfect hit, going the other way, one foot from the line, could not have been more perfect. “DON’T HURT HIM! DON’T HURT HIM!” we yelled, again, as the dogpile spilled up out of the dugout and onto the field. “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY THIRD BASEMAN,” was directed at a certain D. F. Jeter. We enjoyed the special teammate camaraderie between JJ and DW, as they high-fived and shook hands, after the rest of the line had gone through.… [more]

Mar 17th, 2009


Last night’s WBC game (where Puerto Rico faced Venezuela) was a beautiful thing. I don’t know how anyone who loves baseball could have watched last night’s game and not been moved, not have gotten involved, not have been interested. I could not walk away. By the time we hit the 6th inning, I had to tear myself away to get some work done. But I couldn’t focus. We left the game on, and I kept walking away… and walking back. Or TBF would come over to say, “You have to come see this.” I was supposed to be asleep by 11, and I stayed glued to the TV until the very last pitch.… [more]

Mar 16th, 2009


The Mets treat the National League’s New York history as if it were abandoned property, which, in a way, it is. But does that mean it is there for the taking? True, the identity of the Mets—whose colors combine the blue of the Dodgers and the orange of the Giants—has thrived on a magpie element, but there’s something a bit dishonest about naming the rotunda for Jackie Robinson, who never wore a Mets uniform. A pastiche of the Dodgers’ former field in Brooklyn pasted onto the façade of a different team’s twenty-first-century ballpark in Queens is less a historical tribute than it is an act of make-believe.… [more]


Mar 15th, 2009


We randomly ended up tonight out in suburbia at Roosevelt Field, where we went to the Mets Clubhouse Shop. Jerseys with the last year of Shea patch are 50% off, and you can pick up t-shirts for certain former players at a significant discount: (I picked up a CHAVEZ 10 shirt.) They were also selling these shirts with the logo that was supposed to only be on items sold at the ballpark: The New Era hats with the logo are also being sold there, too. We briefly wandered down to Steiner Sports, where this chair in the window caught our eye.… [more]

Mar 12th, 2009


Mets Decline to Buy Name for Subway Station at Citi Field So on Tuesday, transit officials informed the Mets that when the subway station (currently named after the team’s former home, the now-demolished Shea Stadium) was rechristened, it would not actually use the name of the new ballpark. Instead, the station, on the No. 7 line, will be called simply Mets/Willets Point. New signs will go up soon replacing the old signs, which say Willets Point/Shea Stadium.The nearby Long Island Rail Road station will be renamed in the same way. The MTA shouldn’t do any of this. They should just keep the signs.… [more]

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