I don’t want Derek Lowe. Not for any sum of money.

From LA Observed:

Finally, a possibly revealing window into the Dodgers’ social structure. In his deposition, Fineman reports, Lowe said that he went out to “team dinners” several times last season, his first in L.A. Asked if all 25 players attended, he said: “No. The American people, white people….We have a lot of Latins, and so I’m saying that the white people, there are probably eight people that went. Jeff Weaver, maybe Brad Penny. People along those lines.” I guess Milton Bradley wasn’t American enough…

While I’d like to think that right-thinking civilized people don’t say stuff like that, let’s be pragmatic and just say that that kind of attitude will not help you make friends and influence people in New York City. And it’s the wrong attitude for someone on the Mets.

In any event, while Omar is not winning any friends in the overnight WFAN crowd, he’s continuing to do what infuriates the chest-beating white boys who make up the comments squad just about everywhere except here: he’s playing it low and slow, quiet, close to the chest. He’s smart. He doesn’t need to leak strategy to make himself seem important. Right now, waiting is the best thing to do, because the bottom is dropping out of the market, and if you think that’s going to change soon, you’re wrong. Being desperate is just going to waste money. What’s your hurry? It’s not like anyone else is walking around with the cartoon suitcase of money with dollar bills hanging out of it.

And even if Derek Lowe wanted to sign with us for three sacks of baseballs and a box of Bazooka, I’d say no. We don’t need that.

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