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Jan 28th, 2009


Hello to those of you visiting from the Joe Posnanski story on Bruce Springsteen and the Super Bowl, in which Joe very graciously quoted me from some discussions we’ve had about that particular subject. Kick your shoes off, have a look around, and welcome!… [more]

Jan 25th, 2009


My compatriot Deanna from Marinerds was at Mariners Fan Fest yesterday, and brings a Heilman sighting and photos, for those of you who care. (Endy was not there, unfortunately.) Heilman said that he’s a huge rock fan and loves Pearl Jam and so hopes that he’ll fit in well with Seattle. Someone also had to ask him, “You look like such a nice boy-next-door type of guy. How can you make yourself be menacing on the mound?” (I also find it charming in the extreme that the Mariner Moose has a “Moose Den”.) And WOULD IT KILL THE METS TO HAVE SOMETHING RESEMBLING A FAN FEST?… [more]

Jan 24th, 2009


TBF and I had talked about a trip to Cooperstown for a while. He mentioned last summer at some point that he thought 2009 would be the year for my first trip, that he thought I was at the point where I would genuinely appreciate and understand it. We were trying to plan a bunch of other trips for this year (we’re going to Seattle again, and have two Mariners games on the books – yes, one will be sitting in those seats) so we didn’t do anything about Cooperstown. But given this past week, on Thursday I said, “I think we should go in February” and the next day I got an email reading, “Hotel booked.” So, people, what are your Coopertown hints and tips?… [more]

rally cat

Jan 20th, 2009


The Rally Cat, aka Mr. Nebula, aka Nebula, had his number retired permanently early this morning. He was not much of a baseball fan, as it caused his mom to get up from the comfy couch and make a lot of noise when she was watching it on the big square light-up box, but he enjoyed the post-game victory dances and his favorite player was (allegedly) Catfish Hunter.… [more]


Jan 14th, 2009


I have not wanted to talk about the amateurish embarrassment that is the Commemorative Inaugural Year Of Citi Field Sleeve Patch, because Paul Lukas already said everything there was to say about it, much better than I could say it. I mean, what could I say? That I deliberately didn’t buy a Santana jersey last year because I was going to buy one for the first year of Citi Field, but now I’m starting to scramble on eBay to find a 2008 jersey because there’s no way I’ll pay money for that? That the Mets haven’t had decent creative since 2005?… [more]

Jan 13th, 2009


I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me in the 2008 Weblog Awards. At least I didn’t come in last place! To even be nominated was inconceivable. To have made it as a finalist is an achievement from another planet. I knew I stood no chance of winning (or, hell, even coming close), but being there was huge for me – considering that, say, five years ago, if you’d told me I’d be writing about baseball, and nominated for an award for doing so, I would have suggested that you share the drugs. Thanks to everyone who reads, everyone who voted, everyone who comments and hangs out around here.… [more]

Jan 12th, 2009


I don’t want Derek Lowe. Not for any sum of money. From LA Observed: Finally, a possibly revealing window into the Dodgers’ social structure. In his deposition, Fineman reports, Lowe said that he went out to “team dinners” several times last season, his first in L.A. Asked if all 25 players attended, he said: “No. The American people, white people….We have a lot of Latins, and so I’m saying that the white people, there are probably eight people that went. Jeff Weaver, maybe Brad Penny. People along those lines.” I guess Milton Bradley wasn’t American enough… While I’d like to think that right-thinking civilized people don’t say stuff like that, let’s be pragmatic and just say that that kind of attitude will not help you make friends and influence people in New York City.… [more]

Jan 5th, 2009


Somehow, MetsGrrl was nominated for Best Sports Blog of 2008 in the 2008 Weblog Awards. I am, quite honestly, deeply honored. And completely dumbfounded as to how I ended up here. I also realize I stand no chance of winning against, um, Deadspin. But if you felt like voting, perhaps you could cast a vote for me. Polls are open and voting continues through the 12th. You can vote once per day. It’s a nice start to the year.… [more]

Jan 2nd, 2009


I know it’s been quiet around here, but I’m not much of a person to blog for the sake of blogging (as most of you already know). Plus, the holidays, and all of that. Regular posting will resume shortly. I did want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continued patronage. It’s still more than a little dumbfounding to me that I do this, and am reasonably good at it (and getting better, I hope), and that people enjoy coming here and reading it. So, again, thank you. I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2009 and wish the same for all of you.… [more]