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Regular readers of MG will remember our friends on the loge, L and M. M. had been a plan holder since before she even knew L. It was from them that I first got the idea to buy a plan, that it was at all within the realm of possibility. They were also Tuesday-Friday planholders.

They are ENORMOUS sports fans. The type of people who would buy World Series tickets no matter who the team was because they’d just like to see the game.

When we emailed to ask them what they had gotten in the on-sale, imagine our surprise to receive this:

Actually we ended up doing nothing. We passed.

We had zero interest in the 15 game plans. No desire to be sitting in the upper deck against the Nationals on a Wed in August if there was no pot of gold at the end (playoff tickets guarantee and not a pre-sale password)

We were pretty sure (before the plan announcement) that were going to grab a half season plan in a good section, similar to a loge-type level. We were going to go with the Excelsior Club level tickets but then saw the “alternate location” for post season tickets. The other thing about the Mets (is) no predetermined seat location, but it is best available at the time you log in based on your seniority bucket. (Yankees gave or will provide the seat location ahead of time.)

Our increasing problem over the past few seasons is that our work/life schedules are getting harder and harder to plan around and commitments can not be changed. And weekend plans are no good for us as we travel a a lot. So we didn’t want to buy a 40 game plan and then have difficulty or worrying about dumping the tickets.**

So in the end, we figure it is better for us, based on the shitty post-season offerings and our scheduling commitments is that we will still probably go to 20 or so games, but will buy the tickets, either on ticket drops or secondary market during the year so we can go to the games that we want to go to and not because we have to go to, and arriving in the 5th inning, because we were unable to dump the tickets.

Dear Mets: you just lost money AGAIN. And a lot more than you lost from us.

I think that the Mets sold a lot less of the 15 game plans then they thought they would. A lot of people bought plans for the post-season rights. Removing the post-season rights made the commitment much less attractive, even for us. TBF and I feel confident enough in our abilities to take a chance in the post-season land grab, so we felt like it was still an okay option, but I’ll see how we’re going to feel come fall (if it’s even necessary, which at this point I seriously doubt).

**I want to note here that, unlike the prevailing attitude all over what seems like the rest of the Mets internet, like us, they do not sell tickets at a markup or with a goal of profit. (And if you think that’s a judgment, that’s because IT IS.)

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