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There has been teeth gnashing, and phone calls made, and lengthy conversations in instant message (since I was gone for five days in a locale that had ample internet access, but no cell signal). We are over the fact that the 40-game plan is not for us, and have resigned ourselves to purchasing a weekday plan and the Friday plan. Equally, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that because the Mets are automating the sales, we have no chance in reuniting the denizens of Section 12.

A moment of silence, please.

Even with both of those plans, we will still spend less than we did last year, and less than we planned on spending. The Mets will lose money on us. I am rational enough now to acknowledge that we are not typical consumers (although a comment by MG reader Doug on the previous post indicates that perhaps we are more typical than the Mets would have us believe). The Mets even tried to bring some seniority into play (based on financial commitment). Could they have tried harder? Yes. I am dumbfounded, still, that you can’t buy a 40 game plan in the Promenade deck. (I do not think quite honestly that they are going to sell very many 40 game plans, given the financial outlay and the location of the seats, but I could be wrong.)

Most people are going to be happy with these plans. Most people wanted their Saturday or their Sunday or their weekend plan, and picking up two 15-game plans allows you to do a Tuesday-Friday in spirit (you get to see almost everyone if you pick right).

I’m just exhausted and eager for it all to be done with, so I can start my countdown to Opening Day (which is A NIGHT GAME, just what we all want for our first game at the new ballpark. Hey, MLB TV, bite me). I am ready to be over my bitterness. I am ready for 2008 to be a rebuilding year, a year with no expectations. I’m in the damn ballpark, at least.

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