Actual IM conversations to coworkers this morning.

#1: with Carlos the Mets fan in the uptown office:

[09:48] metsgrrl: and we say a fond farewell to the 2008 major league baseball season.
[09:49] carlos: fond? pssshhhhh
[09:50] carlos: I think in all my years as a Met fan, this is probably the worst as far as the thing I furthest wanted to see happened....another collapse followed by a World Series ring for Pat Burrell and Jimmy Rollins.
[09:55] metsgrrl: i don't even want to think about it
[09:58] metsgrrl: i am so upset i could scream
[09:58] metsgrrl: i don't even want to think about baseball next year
[09:58] metsgrrl: that and the wilpons hanging onto my playoff money because they are too lazy and greedy to announce what they are doing with partial ticket plans
[09:58] metsgrrl: i am ready to say 'fuck that' and take my money and just buy a handful of games
[10:00] carlos: and that is a shame that they can't even get that right
[10:01] metsgrrl: they're too busy knocking shea down

#2: My developer who lives/works in Philly:

[10:24] metsgrrl: were they shooting off guns in the street last night?
[10:24] phillydev: as soon as strike 3 hit, it was mayhem
[10:24] phillydev: more cops than new years

It’s just not a good day.

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