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Oct 30th, 2008


Actual IM conversations to coworkers this morning. #1: with Carlos the Mets fan in the uptown office: [09:48] metsgrrl: and we say a fond farewell to the 2008 major league baseball season. [09:49] carlos: fond? pssshhhhh [09:50] carlos: I think in all my years as a Met fan, this is probably the worst as far as the thing I furthest wanted to see happened....another collapse followed by a World Series ring for Pat Burrell and Jimmy Rollins. [09:55] metsgrrl: i don't even want to think about it [09:58] metsgrrl: i am so upset i could scream [09:58] metsgrrl: i don't even want to think about baseball next year [09:58] metsgrrl: that and the wilpons hanging onto my playoff money because they are too lazy and greedy to announce what they are doing with partial ticket plans [09:58] metsgrrl: i am ready to say 'fuck that' and take my money and just buy a handful of games [10:00] carlos: and that is a shame that they can't even get that right [10:01] metsgrrl: they're too busy knocking shea down #2: My developer who lives/works in Philly: [10:24] metsgrrl: were they shooting off guns in the street last night?… [more]


Oct 21st, 2008


From: TBF To: MG called the Mets. We aren't going to hear any meaningful details for the partial plans until "sometime next month." …but of course. [more]

Oct 20th, 2008


So by now most of you will have gotten The Letter from the Mets. In this letter, they tell us that we can have our playoff refund applied to next year, or if we want it back, we need to fax or mail them the letter back to them. I know. It took three weeks for them to tell us this. Refunds – and by that I mean MONEY RETURNED TO OWNER, not money credited to your Mets ticket account – should have started on 9/29. But, the letter is a glimmer of hope in that they tell us that there will be partial plans available.… [more]


Oct 20th, 2008


DEAR TAMPA BAY RAYS: CONGRATULATIONS! NOW, PLEASE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE PHILLIES. THANK YOU. xo, MG p.s. *NOW* can I get a freaking Cliff Floyd Rays shirt? Anyone?? Anyone?? Will pay $$$$… [more]

Oct 17th, 2008


I cried last night when that final HR was hit. I cried as the Red Sox ran into the dogpile and “Dirty Water” blared out of the speakers. I had stayed up to watch the festivities, but I ended up making TBF hit the OFF button on the remote. I didn’t cry because I’m a Rays fan (although of course readers of this blog will already know that I am rooting hard for Cliff Floyd) or because I’m a Red Sox fan (there is some of that, by proxy). I cried because I said I wasn’t going to watch October baseball and then found myself watching baseball the last few nights and got sucked into the emotion of it again, the feeling of sitting and watching and praying and waiting and hoping.… [more]

Oct 16th, 2008


Should have been us.. [While you may be tempted to (and I could certainly understand the urge), please do not leave rude comments on that site. It is the blog of a photographer whose work I love and respect, and the photographer is also someone I love and respect.]… [more]

Oct 10th, 2008


I realize it hasn’t even been two full weeks since the collapse of the 2008 season, but I get kind of nervous when companies are holding on to hundreds of dollars of my hard-earned money and not telling me when they’re going to give it back to me. The storyline that the Mets are handing out is that they have already refunded everybody’s playoff tickets, but what the beat writers don’t get the specifics on, and what the Mets don’t volunteer, is that all that means is that there’s a credit in your Mets ticket account. They aren’t cutting checks, crediting credit cards, or in any way shape or form physically getting cash back to you.… [more]


Oct 8th, 2008


MetsGrrl will be closed tomorrow (no new posts) in honor of Yom Kippur. Wishing an easy fast and g’mar chatima to all MG readers of the Jewish faith.… [more]

Oct 7th, 2008


Since the Mets will never make this available themselves – by popular demand: [Thanks to Shell for the foresight to hit ‘record’.]… [more]

Oct 6th, 2008


When should I call the Mets for my post-season refund? ( polls)… [more]

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