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Sep 30th, 2008


Today I’m providing a link to download a a live version of “It’s Been A Long Time,” the Southside Johnny song played during the player montage during the closing ceremonies at Shea on Sunday. It features Southside, Bruce Springsteen, and Steve Van Zandt (who actually wrote the song) sharing lead vocals, and was performed at Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ, on December 10, 2003. (If you want the studio version, go buy the album, or buy the mp3— Southside could use the money.) That song is so well known to TBF and myself that it didn’t really occur to me until yesterday that not everyone in the world was going to be familiar with it, or understand how absolutely perfect it was.… [more]


Sep 29th, 2008


This is how I am getting through the day today. It is helping. (Credit where credit is due, it was TBF’s idea. He has something similar up at his place.) How are you holding up today? … [more]


Sep 28th, 2008


I thought Brian Schneider was going to do it. I confess, at the end of the 8th I fell back into my chair, dejected. But a guy who came down the stairs to take a photo saw my face and said, “Cheer up, it’s not over yet,” and TBF muttered something about two outs in 1986. So I looked at the lineup and thought to myself, Okay, Easley can get on, and Endy can bunt him over, and maybe Church can just get HBP, which leaves it to Schneider, and he’s been having these wondrous inexplicable 2HR hits when no one expects it, he can do it again.… [more]


Sep 27th, 2008


“They’re throwing Santana tomorrow,” TBF said, shaking his head, when we got home Friday night. “Jerry wants to win.” “It’s a mistake.” “What would you do?” “I’d just follow the rotation.” I am too tired to argue that I am not sure that throwing Jon Niese on Saturday is the right thing to do. That I am sure that the announcement of Jon Niese on Saturday afternoon will engender the result of 55,000 fans standing up and screaming, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME.” That the Mets have to win TOMORROW. Not Sunday. TOMORROW. Add to that the fact that.… [more]


Sep 27th, 2008


I came out to Shea in December of 2005 and picked out our seats: Section 12, Row E, Seats 3&4. At the time, all I wanted to do was make sure TBF got into the new Mets ballpark. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Tonight was the last night in Section 12. I got to Shea early, a little after 6. I came in the preferred route: Gate D, up two levels, around the Loge to the Gate C escalator, straight up to the food court. Tonight it was hot dogs and french fries, sitting by myself in Section 12.… [more]


Sep 26th, 2008



Raining in Flushing

Sep 26th, 2008


By 3:30 today, I was chain-drinking cup after cup of Yogi Tea Cold Formula, and people kept saying, “Why are you going?” and I kept saying, “I’ll just go and leave early if I feel crappy.” TBF brought orange juice and Gatorade and extra water and I had fleece and fleece and wool and wool and my magic offering to the gods, a navy blue plastic rain poncho. Early this morning I made the tactical decision to leave my sneakers home and wear my LL Bean moccasins, which are to wear in the snow, but are excellent for early spring days at Shea…or rainy September ones for that matter.… [more]


Sep 25th, 2008


Tonight broke my heart, I think, more than Game 7 in 2006, more than 9/30/07. It broke my heart into millions of tiny pieces because it lifted me up so high and so far, in that moment when Delgado stepped up to the plate, 2 outs, and although we’re all on our feet we are tired and jaded and burnt out and we don’t believe it will really happen, one out, see, I told you, two outs, I don’t even know why I’m standing up – and then and then and then in a heartbeat the ball is hit and there is the collective intake of breath when we all realize IT IS – IT IS – IT IS – IT IS OUT!… [more]

Sep 24th, 2008


Dear MTO, I am writing to you, my dear friends, to express my extreme displeasure with the manner in which you are handling shipping of the 2008 Playoff Tickets. While all parcel delivery services in New York City suck with equal fervor, now that MLB has entered into a “strategic partnership” with DHL, we are forced to endure their special brand of ineptitude in order to receive our 2008 Playoff Tickets. Last year’s idiocy had me crying openly in Hell’s Kitchen while I tried to track down my tickets (tickets which, I’ll point out, I NEVER GOT TO USE). This year, however, you have achieved a new paradigm of we-don’t-give-a-f-about-our-fans-ness.… [more]

Sep 23rd, 2008


I’m going to immediately love any pitcher who uses the Who as their intro music. And I was willing to believe, to look at an inspirational quote from Scott frickin’ Schoeneweis, of all people (even though we already know that HE CONSORTS WITH THE ENEMY) and think that the Mets were going to come home and put their noses to the grindstone and just make it happen, even with a rookie pitcher and a team dragging in from a catastrophic road trip. And I was still optimistic last night, and feeling slightly better, well enough to eat my soup while watching the game even after I said I was going straight to bed, sending inspirational text messages to TBF, sitting in the upper deck, when Delgado got home on that wild pitch.… [more]