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Jul 31st, 2008


(Hey, this is a chick blog, remember?) CAPTION THE PHOTO: “It’s for your own good. I don’t think the Houston fans would appreciate you wearing a Beltran shirt.” I wanted to do a LOLCat but I worked 12.5 hours yesterday and was too tired. … [more]

Jul 30th, 2008


My friend Kari, the Twins fan who came with me to last Saturday’s game, just got home, and sent me this: We went to the Yankees game and the WHOLE time I was there, I was writing my own personal blog in my head. I just don’t get it. When I was in elementary school, there was a girl named Julie. She was smart, attractive, and a good athlete. But she was mean. She was mean in a very special way. She could purposely hurt the feelings of every single person in the classroom at one point or another, but yet SHE was the one everyone wanted to be friends with.… [more]

Jul 28th, 2008


Friday night was a fun night at Shea. However, just when you think that Phillies Phans are going to take the title of Worst Phans in Baseball, Shea is invaded by another sea of red. Section 12, in particular, seems to be The Place For Fans Of The Opposing Team. It’s not just one or two of them, it’s rows of them. I was going to write a diatribe about idiots who provide a standing ovation when a member of their team hits a single, but I realize I have already DONE that for the Phillies series. It’s even more moronic to do so when the player you are applauding has already struck out three times in that particular game.… [more]

Jul 25th, 2008


No beverage containers are allowed. Not even water. Video cameras, the bane of MLB, *are* allowed. No water. IN TEXAS? (I know it’s a dome.) NO WATER? I’m sorry, but that’s almost as infuriating as disallowing sunscreen.… [more]

Jul 24th, 2008


Dear SportsNet New York: I am a long-standing subscriber of your network. We will omit the small fact that I have no choice but to be a subscriber of your network if I want to watch the New York Mets on television. Let’s just leave it that I am a loyal customer. I am writing to bring your attention to a series of commercials featured on your network. While I realize you are not just a Mets station, but rather are a “New York sports” station (as you go to great lengths to remind us), these commercials are played with disturbing frequency during Mets games in particular.… [more]

Jul 23rd, 2008


There’s a neighbor on our block, an old-timer, owns the entire brownstone. He’s fond of the seasonal decorations, you know, those big blow up snowglobes and turkeys and Easter bunnies. He’s also a Mets fan, which means that the Mets flag hangs outside the front door whenever the Mets are in town. Seeing it hang there yesterday morning on the way to work made me feel proud and happy. Not that our neighborhood isn’t a Mets neighborhood, but it was one of those moments when the sun hits the brick just right and it’s quiet for two minutes and it just *feels* like Brooklyn should feel.… [more]

Jul 21st, 2008


Hi there. If you’re looking for Citi Field info, try THE METSGRRL.COM GUIDE TO CITI FIELD instead. Earlier in the season, TBF and I found ourselves at Shea with time to kill, so we got in line for the Citi Field preview center. I didn’t expect much – I mean, the finishes of the various suites aren’t going to impact me, now, are they – but I had hoped to learn something. For the most part, my assessment was correct. (They should really offer two levels of tours – one for those who are seriously interested in suites or boxes, and one for people who just want to see the circus.) They started the tour by saying, “I’m sure some of you are season ticket holders or plan holders and have a lot of questions, and we’ll answer those questions later in the year, we can’t answer them now.” So I expected the tour to be largely irrelevant to TBF and myself.… [more]


Jul 19th, 2008


I got an email this morning asking me to please post a review and photos of the Billy Joel show. I realize some of you will find this uproariously funny already. You are the people who get the song references in my post headlines, and who managed to turn a Mets blog into a Pearl Jam blog a few weeks ago. Some other people will have realized that the “grrl” part of MetsGrrl probably signifies that I’m not a big fan of the middle-of-the-road, AOR kind of tunes. I’m sorry. I hate Billy Joel – or at least that’s what I would have said as a teenager.… [more]


Jul 18th, 2008


Higher and Higher – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band [live] – mp3, 12mb “Higher and Higher” was chosen by TBF as his 2008 “Mets Win!” song. We had been listening to Jackie Wilson’s original those odd few times earlier this year it had been appropriate to break it out, until TBF looked this one up (from Boston 3/25/77, with the Miami Horns, aka The La Bamba Horns, aka the Max Weinberg 7 Horns). Tonight, after this come-from-behind, no we are NOT going to break our 9 game winning streak, [expletive] Cincinnati, win, it seemed appropriate to share with the rest of you.… [more]

Jul 17th, 2008


My Afghan Whigs obsession is well-known to most people of my acquaintance. I will go see or hear anything that Greg Dulli ever does sight unseen/unheard. It’s unlikely my iPod can go more than half an hour without cycling through some Dulli project. So of course I am thrilled to have found out that not only is he a righteous guy with amazing talent and impeccable musical taste, but he is also the type of baseball fan that TBF could appreciate. (I also heard a rumor that he has a fantasy league, and would give my eyeteeth to know 1. who is on his team and 2.… [more]