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Jun 28th, 2008

BRUTAL. [6-27-08]

This was probably the most unpleasant evening I have yet to experience at Shea. I realize that’s not saying a lot, but it is what it is. Tonight was absolutely brutal. Truly, truly brutal. We would have been able to deal with the pathetic on-field performance were it not for the arrival of Yankee fan friends of the folks in Row F, who proceeded to fulfill every stereotype of the preening, obnoxious, ignorant, classless Yankee fan….emphasis on ignorant. As TBF finally said to one of them, “Don’t let facts get in the way of your argument there, buddy,” and then dropped it.… [more]


Jun 27th, 2008



Jun 27th, 2008


I just updated the “Women In Baseball 2” post from yesterday, now that some real journalists with access got to the bottom of things. The reason this is getting a separate post is not for a rant about bloggers thinking they don’t have to follow journalistic ethics (this was a blog for a daily paper, not somebody on Blogger, after all). It’s more the level of disgust I have at the following: The attitude of “well of course that couldn’t be true” that was in most of the posts about it yesterday and the tone in the posts today. The disgusting level of the comment threads on every single blog, except this one, that posted about it.… [more]

Jun 26th, 2008


So the Mets sent out a survey about next year, and while I didn’t get it, TBF did. However, there’s nothing to prevent anyone from clicking on the link and taking the survey. Let’s make sure the male demographic is not over-represented. Take the survey here.… [more]

Jun 26th, 2008


Compare these two stories: Another awesome and inspirational Women In Baseball feature from We’ve Got Heart, profiling Amber Theoharis, the Orioles’ sideline reporter, and REDACTED:A story about childish behavior by Our Brooklyn Cyclones. I don’t know what’s worse, the behavior (if true) or the “she deserved it” type comments that follow it. This type of behavior, if true, would make me consider a Cyclones boycott for the season. Mark Healey gets to the bottom of the story, which turns out to be not true. … [more]

Jun 26th, 2008


Ed Vedder dedicated “Rats” at MSG last night to Shea (well, partially, while talking about Seattle history and oh, I was out at Shea Stadium the other night and they have big rats there. It gave me an excuse to yell LET’S GO METS). And to the guy wearing the VEDDER 10 custom Mets t-shirt at the back of the floor… um, well, the jury is still out whether that is cool or not, just like it’s out on the guy with the custom Mariners jersey that said PEARL JAM 10. And of course, anything is better than someone with a Yankees jersey reading AMENT 10.… [more]


Jun 25th, 2008


I wasn’t going to post anything tonight. But the 7 year old in me started giggling earlier in the game, when discussing the unfortunate surnames of two of the Mariners pitching staff, Mr. Putz and Mr. Dickey. You know what? There wasn’t a lot to be happy about tonight, at all, so yeah, we were going for humor in anything we could find – including the renaming of Mr. Dickey (whose name, unfortunately, is not Richard) around the third inning. I felt that was deserving of its own post, so, here it is. I knew it was a bad sign when the MTA employees were yelling through their megaphones not that we should be sure to fill up our Metrocards before the game, but that the express train did not start leaving until after the game had ended, so not to come to the station before then looking for an express.… [more]

Jun 23rd, 2008


A POST IN TEXT MESSAGING: Shirley in Seattle, 6:03pm: Soooo, you know that Vedder is at Shea? He apparently took BP with the M's. MG:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO He apparently didn't do very well... but better than most of our guys. AUGHGHGH [I start dialing TBF and thinking, how quickly can we get to Shea? and Why the hell do I not have my camera with me?] is that a good AUGH or a bad one Bad That's what pregame radio girl said - the source of all this WE WERE GOING TO GO TONIGHT...but we have Mets tomorrow and PJ on Wed and Mets-Yankees Fri Me: “We didn’t even think about it.” TBF: “Why would he be there?” Me: “Because he is a Baseball Guy and it’s the last year of Shea.” TBF: “No, because he knows someone in the Mariners.… [more]

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Jun 21st, 2008


I’ve been talking about making this shirt all season. Now I just have to figure out how to get one to Mr. J. Maine.… [more]

Jun 21st, 2008


Thanks to one Mr. B. Springsteen, TBF and I are now headed to the Show Me State in August to see the last E Street Band shows of the tour. In desperate need of a vacation, we are going to bookend it with visits to friends, barbeque, Sonic Drive-In, photography, and BASEBALL. It’s too bad the Mets aren’t in town but we’ll make the best of it. The Braves are playing the Cardinals and the Tigers and the Rangers are playing in KC. There’s a ballpark tour in St. Louis, and we know about the First Pitch Seats already. In KC, well, prices are cheap.… [more]