There’s no point in writing about the game, is there? Instead, let me bring you this classic hilarity from the geniuses at Fire Joe Morgan. A choice excerpt – which had me cracking up so loudly on the B61 bus that people actually edged away from me – follows. Today’s target: Wallace Matthews [Bronx cheer]

Here’s the meaty part:

This year, you [Reyes] are hitting only .280.

I’m excited to do this. Are you?

Jeter: .277.

You have drawn a mere four walks,

Jeter: 2 walks.

stolen only three bases in five tries,

Jeter: 0 steals.

scored only 12 runs.

Jeter: 7 runs (!)

Your OBP, .313,

Jeter: .309.

is worse than all but three other NL leadoff hitters.

— but better than the living embodiment of heroism, Derek Jeter.

Read the rest of it – it will crack you up no matter what team you root for.

Who’s going to the game tomorow night? I wonder if the Mets will show up.

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