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Apr 30th, 2008

LEX JOE METS. [04-29-08]

At 6pm sharp, I logged off at work, changed into my #57 t-shirt, and prepared to walk out the door. The New Girl at the office looks at me. “You should stay, have some pizza.” “Sorry, but I have a date with a handsome Venezuelan gentleman who’s a two-time Cy Young award winner, I can’t stand him up.” Considering that I was standing there in a Mets t-shirt with SANTANA across the back, I thought the joke would be obvious. It went right over her head. Poor Ian Snell, I thought on the way out to Shea. Here he thinks he’s going to New York to face Oliver Perez, and then, boom, a little rain and now you’re facing Johan Santana.… [more]


Apr 27th, 2008

FIGMENT. [04-27-08]

I will be honest and say that the whole reason I was excited about going to this game was because I was going with Coop and because it was Foam Finger day. I wasn’t going to chalk Saturday’s W up to anything except luck. Once again, the irregulars get on base, and once again, the regulars fail to get them home. I am angered at morons who boo John Maine and morons who slaughter Aaron Heilman, to the point that when I get off the 7 train this morning, I want to go into the Team Store to buy a Heilman shirt except I am not sure that they exist (why would they?… [more]


Apr 27th, 2008

WILD THING. [04-25-08]

When the week began, I was on the hook to attend all three games this weekend: Friday on our plan, Saturday in the upper deck on TBF’s Saturday plan, and Sunday with the delightful Ms. Coop as her guest for Foam Finger Day. Halfway through the week, I gently suggested that we should sell the Saturday tickets, because I did not see how I could possibly get through three games, accomplish anything else, and not be completely exhausted once the weekend was over. In hindsight, I’m sorry we didn’t go on Saturday, and this is yet another reminder that going is always better than not going.… [more]

the shalitas

Apr 25th, 2008


No, this is not going to be another patented MetsGrrl diatribe against the utter lack of creativity in the Mets marketing office. In fact, quite the opposite. Instead of putting Mets footage against yet another song by old British guys that no one on the Mets would ever listen to (except maybe Paul Lo Duca, and he can make the Nationals listen to that now), CW11 bucked the trend and picked a NEW song. By a LOCAL band. However, this is going to be a shameless plug, since the song in the commercial is written and performed by my close personal friends The Shalitas !… [more]

Apr 24th, 2008


There’s no point in writing about the game, is there? Instead, let me bring you this classic hilarity from the geniuses at Fire Joe Morgan. A choice excerpt – which had me cracking up so loudly on the B61 bus that people actually edged away from me – follows. Today’s target: Wallace Matthews [Bronx cheer] Here’s the meaty part: This year, you [Reyes] are hitting only .280. I’m excited to do this. Are you? Jeter: .277. You have drawn a mere four walks, Jeter: 2 walks. stolen only three bases in five tries, Jeter: 0 steals. scored only 12 runs.… [more]

Apr 21st, 2008


We got home at 1:15am and I was in bed at 1:30am (and then we had to get up at 6:30 to return the car) so no report until tonight. One preview: I GOT TO WATCH A BULLPEN SESSION WITH JOHAN!!! In *PHILLY*! Which will only mean something to those of you who have been to CBP and realize how close the bullpens are to Ashburn Alley.… [more]

Apr 20th, 2008


It’s a good idea to NOT check the Phillies web site at 1am and see if there are any tickets for tonight’s game. Because then you will find seats right behind home plate and what are you supposed to do? Not go? Full report tomorrow.… [more]

Apr 19th, 2008

FRIDAY MUSINGS for 4-18-08.

Last night’s event with Mets By The Numbers and Benchclearing went swimmingly well, I thought, despite some initial nerves and a minute or two of, WTF am I doing up here interviewing baseball writers about baseball books. But I am good at the interviewing thing, pretty good at the writing thing, and not so bad at the baseball thing, so it all turned out well. Thanks to those who attended, and thanks again to Word Books and Jon Springer for the opportunity. For those of you who didn’t show and live in the area, just see if I buy you a hot pretzel at Shea this year.… [more]

Apr 18th, 2008


Today is a very, very sad day in the MG household. I’ll update over the weekend. Some comments from Jon about last night over at MBTN to hold you over. … [more]

Apr 17th, 2008


I was still annoyed I missed Tuesday’s game, even though I know it was cold and it was Mike Pelfrey (who I very much like and am very much rooting for), it still would have been baseball and the therapeutic value thereof has already been proven. I am still not sure I made the right decision, especially after TBF came home pleased and happy for a change. But Tuesday’s game combined with last night’s game (which we watched much afterwards, since we were at this yesterday evening) makes me even more irked, because I want to believe that this is an upsurge, that this is the beginning of a trend, that the Mets have gotten the monkey off their back.… [more]