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Mar 31st, 2008


Per Adam Rubin: BREAKING NEWS: Sweet Caroline, a Red Sox sing-along tradition stolen by the Mets, may be history. Fans can vote for a new eighth-inning sing-along song through April 4 at The choices: Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison Build Me Up Buttercup, The Foundations I Love Rock ‘N Roll, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts I’m a Believer, The Monkees Land of 1000 Dances, Wilson Pickett Livin’ on a Prayer, Bon Jovi Movin’ Out, Billy Joel Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond I’ll Be There For You, The Rembrandts Waitin’ On A Sunny Day, Bruce Springsteen Brown Eyed Girl, Van Morrison: just because the word “stadium” is in the lyrics doesn’t make it relevant.… [more]

Mar 31st, 2008


Somehow I have to manage to quarantine myself until I get home from work, so we can make dinner (gourmet hot dogs), have a beer, and watch THE FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR together. I have been gone since Thursday, so I have a little bit to catch up on. But, I can tell you that I am beyond THRILLED that we get a chance to get rid of “Sweet Caroline” for once and for all. (However, over my dead body will we sing a song by a bandwagon Yankees fan from Jersey at Shea in its last year.) More later.… [more]

Mar 29th, 2008


PERSONAL to the guy wearing the David Wright t-shirt and Mets hat sitting dead center behind the stage at the Springsteen show in Portland, OR tonight: dude, you made our evening. (I was going to wear my Johan Santana shirt to this show but TBF told me it would be a little obnoxious.)… [more]

Mar 28th, 2008


Or, lessons from the 2008 Media Guide: TOILET FIXTURES ON CONCOURSES: SHEA STADIUM: 568 – Total 1 per 101 217 Women (38% of total) 345 Men (61% of total) 6 Family (1% of total) CITI FIELD: 646 Total (14% increase) 305 Women (47% of total) 327 Men (51% of total) 14 Family (2% of total) I’m astonished. I actually originally read the figures in reverse and was about to get on the warpath, until I checked things again. And the thing is, Shea allegedly has a larger percentage of women’s facilities than most sporting facilities of its time (and we can thank Mrs.… [more]

Mar 27th, 2008


In the season ticket shipment, in addition to the obvious, we also had the following: One (1) Commemorative Shea Stadium Keepsake Box: This is actually pretty solid and it’s tempting to mock it but I won’t. It’s nicely done and I will really treasure this in years to come. One (1) Letter from William Ianniciello, VP Ticket Sales and Services, telling me that our entire organization looks forward to a return to championship caliber excitement in 2008. Me, I’d be satisfied right now if we aren’t looking forward to a continuation of championship caliber injuries. Two (2) Pocket Schedules: there are not different versions of the schedule except for the ads on the back.… [more]


Mar 26th, 2008


TONIGHT, ON METSGRRL’S SILENT MOVIE: THE TALE OF TWO DHL PACKAGES STARRING: TBF –THE END– SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Mets Ticket Office, who told us that they didn’t have any tracking numbers and that our tickets weren’t going out until next week DHL, for leaving the tickets without obtaining our signatures for the packages, despite the large SIG on the package Whichever neighbor walked the boxes up to our apartment door instead of leaving the boxes lying forlornly in the entrance hallway … [more]


Mar 25th, 2008


These caused me to walk all the way to the other end of the Greenpoint Ave. G stop. Can anyone translate? I get “Adios Shea Stadium” and I know “boletos” are tickets (this from seeing concerts in Spain). I am interested in knowing if it’s a good translation and if the slogans have the same spirit as their English counterparts, and/or if they make Spanish-speakers groan the same way we do at the ones in English.… [more]

Mar 24th, 2008


TICKETS WE ORIGINALLY HELD: April 8 April 11 April 12 (Did I mention we picked up a Saturday plan? Um, we did.) TICKETS WE BOUGHT SO WE COULD SEE JOHAN SANTANA’S FIRST START: April 10 … [more]

Mar 23rd, 2008


If you’ve spent any time reading MetsBlog recently, you can’t turn around without tripping over the hordes of commenters salivating over the new host of Mets Weekly. Julie Donaldson has headed off to work for NESNMWHDH in Boston, and her replacement (one Jocelyn Pierce) was causing one to slip in the puddles of saliva dripping from the mouths of some of the members of the community. We like Mets Weekly. It became a Saturday ritual to watch the program together while eating brunch or getting ready to go to a game. How can you not love a television show that’s just about the Mets?… [more]


Mar 22nd, 2008


A sojourn around Brooklyn yesterday (en route to DiFara’s) yielded the following: *sigh*… [more]