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Feb 28th, 2008


However, in this particular case, I’ll make an exception. Seriously, though, the Cardinals have some serious issues, clearly, but having LaRussa be your spokesperson on Cardinals team values regarding substance abuse is just the tiniest bit hypocritical, dontcha think? He was found IN AN INTERSECTION. ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. ELEVATED BLOOD ALCOHOL.… [more]

Feb 24th, 2008


I am not quite sure when and how we started talking about going to Texas to see the Mets play, but it probably came out of the fact that the other possible roadtrips were more expensive. And I am also not quite sure what, exactly, about our half-conscious conversation at brunch this morning triggered a flurry of action once we got home, TBF looking at airfare, me looking at hotels and maps and proximity to ballparks. Several hours later, here’s the tally: 1) Reservation at a 5-star hotel in Downtown Houston, walking distance from the ballpark 2) Reservation at a Holiday Inn Express about 1 hour south of Dallas 3) Rental car reservation booked 4) Provisional airline schedule selected 5) Evaluated all tickets on the market at this time for Houston 6) Plans for ballpark tours to take at both Houston and Dallas 7) A map of the location of every Sonic Drive-In on the route from Houston to Dallas (remember we are the people that made a detour to stop at Sonic in Pennsylvania on the way to and from Pittsburgh two years ago) The itinerary: Friday: Fly out of JFK at 7am, arrive Houston 10am.… [more]


Feb 23rd, 2008


How much money would the Mets make if they sold photos of that? Of course they won’t – like that awesome back-to-back image of Wright and Reyes last year that I would have paid $$$ for. Why on earth would they actually try to monetize something people would actually like to buy, and would promote the team, when you can charge everyone $2 to get into Open Workouts? [UPDATE: The Mets have link, and now that $2 is a “donation” instead. How about you donate half of the parking concession if you want to raise money for charity?] I have to admit that I was relieved when I read the caption for the photo above and confirmed that it was posed.… [more]


Feb 22nd, 2008


There is such a thing as too much coverage. I never thought I’d say that, but it’s only the first week of Spring Training and I already have information fatigue. Just like most of you, I am reading everything I can get my hands on, and I’ve resubscribed to everything I had unsubscribed from in the offseason. I like reading different perspectives. I especially like the blogs the beat reporters kept during Spring Training last year. I felt like the blogs captured the color of what it was like to be down there. I liked hearing writers complain about how boring PSL is, I liked hearing where they went for lunch, I liked getting a feel for what they were doing, even if it was boring.… [more]

Feb 15th, 2008


I realize most of you reading this have this date burned in your brain. However, for my friends from other places and who support other teams, and want to come see them at Shea (or want to make it to Shea before they knock the place down), it bears a reminder. I know there are some Rockies fans and some Mariners fans heading our way. For any of you, I’m happy to offer ticket purchasing advice in the comments. Keep in mind that that day is when Daylight Savings ends (Spring Ahead, Fall Back!) so don’t oversleep! We need to take a look at the calendar now and make our own plans.… [more]


Feb 14th, 2008


About time. Strange how this moment has turned from gritted-teeth well-at-least-its-BASEBALL to OMG I CAN’T WAIT.… [more]


Feb 12th, 2008


FLUSHING, NY – FEBRUARY 12: The under-construction Citi Field, new home for the New York Mets beginning in 2009, is shown on a snowy day February 12, 2008 in Flushing, New York. (Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images)… [more]

Feb 8th, 2008


…to love Fire Joe Morgan, as they tackle That Article everyone is talking about today, the sportswriter from Philadelphia who had clearly just obtained press credentials, had never been to a press conference, nor eaten the food in any Diamond Club anywhere: It was all very understated, as per the local custom. Well, the time for restraint is definitely: introducing the best pitcher in baseball to fans and media who follow the team. I’m thinking a terse press release, (“Santana signs with Mets. ‘We are pleased,’ say team officials, understatedly.”), followed by an ascetic black-and-white photograph session. Water should be served (room-temperature) and then local and state police calmly but firmly escort people to the exits.… [more]


Feb 7th, 2008


There are certain undeniable baseball truths in our house: You Only Get One Team, The Only True Mets Uniform Is Pinstripes, You Can’t Like The Yankees AND The Mets, You Don’t Leave A Game Before The Final Out (amongst others). Add to that: The Boras Clients Only Go For The Money. I have tried to argue and debate this, I have tried to formulate convincing arguments. TBF will not be moved. During the entire Zito debacle, I offered many convincing, well-researched and thought-out theories about why Barry Zito would make the right choice and come to the Mets. “It’s only about the money.… [more]

Feb 7th, 2008


I realize this has been analyzed twelve ways to Sunday already, but here’s some thoughts: Johan was exceedingly well-spoken and composed. He was not rattled. This bodes well. If you listen closely, he has a little bit of a Midwestern accent – just like Delgado has the slightest trace of a New York accent. (I mean, Delgado’s English is almost perfect, but he’s definitely got those Bensonhurst “R’s” sometimes.) Not too many cliches. It didn’t feel rehearsed, it just felt like he thought about what he might want to say before he said it. He may give the other snappy dressers on the team a run for their money.… [more]

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