Although she stepped down earlier this year, I sent an email off in hopes that, perhaps, I could coax her out of retirement briefly to offer her thoughts on Mr. Santana.

I got lucky.

“Johan Santana is the sort of player that reminds you why you love
baseball in the first place. He is a joy to watch play, the sort of
transcendent player that comes to a team once every couple of decades.
I am not a fan of emptying out one’s farm system for a player, as
usually one finds, eventually, one needs one’s farm system. But Johan
is worth it. Mets fans are very lucky today–not just because they got
the best pitcher in baseball without even having to give up their best
prospects, but because that pitcher is Johan.”
Bat Girl

If you are not familiar with her Lego reenactments, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Or, my favorite piece of writing:

At about two a.m., Johan Santana popped out of the dugout wearing a smoking jacket and sidled up to Batgirl.
“Hey, BG,” he said.
“Hey, Jo. Que Pasa?”
“Just finished filming my show. You?”
“Fielding drills.” Batgirl motioned to the soggy bunch in front of her, then yelled, “LET’S SEE SOME HUSTLE, DIMPLES!”
“It’s about time. Want some help?”
Batgirl eyed him. “Shouldn’t you be resting? You’re starting tomorrow.”
“I do not require sleep.”
“Oh, I forgot. Thanks, Jo!”

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