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Jan 30th, 2008


Lipgloss & Baseball: Dear Everyone in my Office, Swear. To. God. If one more of “youse peoples” come up to me and say “Hee hee, what about that Santana trade, eh?” I will head butt you in the chest. Don’t test me. To quote one of our irate clients “Go to hell and stay there you bitch!” Okay, that was a little extreme but I was just looking for a way to incorporate that quote in my blog today! Misery Loves Company: This is merely a placeholder for some serious bliss if, as reported, the Mets have acquired Johan Santana.… [more]


Jan 30th, 2008


In a development like few others in franchise history, the Mets have put themselves in position to change the dynamic of their team, their upcoming season, their place in the New York sports spectrum and their foreseeable future. –Marty “Eternal Raincloud” Noble So this is what it feels like? I was walking to the train last night with a undeniable spring in my step, which had arrived about the same time as the USA Today story. I sat at my desk at work, trying to concentrate, and doing the happy dance in my chair. JOHAN SANTANA! I sent text messages to friends that read OYE COMO VA.… [more]

Jan 29th, 2008


Although she stepped down earlier this year, I sent an email off in hopes that, perhaps, I could coax her out of retirement briefly to offer her thoughts on Mr. Santana. I got lucky. “Johan Santana is the sort of player that reminds you why you love baseball in the first place. He is a joy to watch play, the sort of transcendent player that comes to a team once every couple of decades. I am not a fan of emptying out one’s farm system for a player, as usually one finds, eventually, one needs one’s farm system. But Johan is worth it.… [more]

Jan 29th, 2008

SAINT SANTANA. [view from the twins]

Last week, I decided that it was high time that I said something about the Santana Situation. Given that my blogging idol was the inimitable Bat Girl, I knew more about the Twins than most folks since I cut my teeth reading her writing about her team. As a result, I have this odd but charming alliance with more than a few Twins bloggers. I reached out to a few of them last week to get their thoughts, and was waiting for everyone to respond before posting. However, no time like the present. Let’s meet our first blogger, Lipgloss & Baseball.… [more]


Jan 29th, 2008




Jan 29th, 2008


Everyone in Section 12 will be no doubt pleased to learn that I have acquired suitable handgear for the 2008 season. My seatmates were continually appalled at my inadequate handgear, as I needed something that would keep my hands available for note- and photo-taking, but yet, offer some semblance of warmth against early Spring and early Fall (well, we hope and pray) cold. This year, I took matters into my hands in a sensible fashion. Given that I also needed a set of handwarmers that would be suitable for my beautiful, spacious, drafty, cavernous and cold office, I decided to commission some Mets-themed gloves while I was at it.… [more]

Jan 25th, 2008


So the other night, TBF says, out of a clear blue sky, “Ron Darling was in Greenpoint on Sunday.” “WHAT? WHAT? How was *Ron Darling* in *our neighborhood*? Doing WHAT? Where? There was a Mets event in our neighborhood and we didn’t know about it?” “No, he was just watching the football game.” “Where? Randomly, out in the street? At someone’s house?” “No, at the sports bar.” “WHAT?” “No, seriously, at the sports bar. It was on some blog.” — Okay, we live at the ends of the freaking EARTH. We can’t get friends who live in the next goddamn zip code to come visit us, because we live at the ends of the earth.… [more]

Jan 24th, 2008


Yeah, it was an egregious headline, because the instigator is Steve Wynn (late of Dream Syndicate), along with Peter Buck from R.E.M. and Seattle Superstar Scott McCaughey (and Linda Pitmon from Golden Smog.) McCaughey is the kind of guy who has such an encyclopedic knowledge of rock and roll that it doesn’t surprise me he’d be a baseball geek. (He’s the guy that Peter Buck follows onstage when they’re up there playing Dylan covers with Robyn Hitchcock.) A baseball record! Why? I’ve wanted to do this record for years. I’m a big baseball fan — and former sportswriter — and always thought the game and the colorful characters throughout history would make an interesting platform for spinning yarns and making statements and metaphors for bigger things in life — assuming, of course, that there are bigger things.… [more]


Jan 15th, 2008


Tickets for the 2008 Spring Training season go on sale January 19th. Although I only went to Spring Training once, since it pleases me to think that I am an excellent traveler (having gone 3/4 of the way around the globe) and so in that spirit, I offer these tips that will hopefully benefit the new spring training visitor as well as offer additional perspectives to veterans. If you are on a budget, this guide is definitely for you. YMMV, do not taunt happy fun ball, et cetera. Feel free to offer your own suggestions in the comments. WHEN TO GO: I consider there to be three phases to Spring Training that you can choose to attend: –Go not long after pitchers and catchers report.… [more]

Jan 11th, 2008


WHEREUPON, THE FANBASE DOTH DECREE THAT THE METS TICKETING OFFICE (HEREINAFTER MTO), SHALL DO THE FOLLOWING: #1: SINGLE GAME TICKETS SHOULD GO ON SALE THE OLD FASHIONED WAY. This shall include The Last Opening Day and The Last Regular Season Game at Shea. 2: TELL SEASON AND PLAN HOLDERS WHEN YOU EXPECT TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CITIFIELD TRANSITION. Might I remind you that we are PAYING customers? #1. Forget the lottery. Sell tickets the old-fashioned way for one last time. 1. Opening Day From what TBF got out of the Mets Ticketing Office, they are once again going to do the same lottery BS from last year.… [more]

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