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Dec 30th, 2007


I know, things have been quiet around here. That isn’t a sign that I’m giving up, or even a sign that the new job is hellish. The truth is that it’s a symptom of me learning how to deal with the aftermath of the 2007 season, and the fact that with the 30 million people writing about the offseason, there was very little added value I could possibly offer you. The whole point of this blog is that it’s a chronicle of me growing into being a baseball fan. And although while in many ways my evolution has and continues to be rapid, there are still some lessons that are only learned through time.… [more]

Dec 15th, 2007


I grabbed the mail out of the mailbox as TBF and I were running out to Long Island for Christmas shopping. As he is heading for the LIE, I sort through it: “Bill…junk…wrong address…R.E.M. fan club newsletter… hey, you got your invoice from the Mets!” I rip it open and start reading, and TBF does the same at the next stoplight. At some point I grabbed everything and put it in the back seat so we didn’t have an accident from a) trying to read while driving and b) getting pissed at the Mets for ripping fans off after the disaster known as the 2007 season.… [more]


Dec 13th, 2007


Yeah, we’re geeky enough that we printed it out. Player Originally Rumored To Be On The List That I Am Most Glad Is Not On The List: Mike Cameron Player Not Originally On The List That Is The Most Devastating: Paul Lo Duca Player Who Can Rot In Hell And Hopefully Now Not Get Into Cooperstown: The Great Satan… [more]

Dec 3rd, 2007


DISCOUNTED ADMISSION TO MCNY! READ BELOW. So you have read my wonderful reviews of this equally wonderful exhibit, and now you’re realizing, “Oh, crap. It’s December, and the exhibit is going to end soon. I better get myself uptown to the Museum of the City of New York before the exhibit is gone and I feel like an idiot.” But if you need further incentive, Roger Kahn is coming back for another talk! THURSDAY • DECEMBER 6 • 6:30 PM Walter O’Malley, Horace Stoneham, and Robert Moses: When the Dodgers and Giants Left Roger Kahn, considered the dean of American sports writers, moderates an examination of the forces and personalities that led to the departure of the Dodgers and Giants 50 years ago this season.… [more]