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My first year at Shea, I loved wrapping my vocal chords around the complex Latino names. Heck, what am I saying – I still love it. So the first time I saw the Rockies, the exchange was something like this:

“Yor- WHAT?”
“Yorvit Torrealba.”
“Yorvit. He’s Venezuelan.”
“What a great name.”

When the rumors started floating around, I immediately thought of Rockies fan and MG reader Kelsey, who has a Yorvit-inspired email address (or at least she uses it to comment on MG). I wrote her at that address and said, “What are you going to do now?” About an hour later, this comment showed up:

here’s a nice article you might want to read if you have time about your new catcher.

have fun with torrealba. he’s not really all that consistent at the plate, and he can’t throw out runners to save his life, but he’s a good game caller and plays with heart and just seems like a good dude.

sorry this comment has nothing to do with this post.

And you should read the article, because it does tell you more about the guy who’ll be behind the plate next year. And since we’re losing a guy with heart, I’m glad to hear we’re getting another one.

Speaking of articles about Yorvit, you should also check out the Coop’s recent column on Flushing University about Omar, and Paulie Baseball, and Yorvit coming to the Mets.

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