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THE REFUND SAGA. | metsgrrl.com


TBF is pissed.

He called the Mets Monday morning, inquiring about his refund for his post-season tickets.

We already knew the answer from last year. Single game tickets will be automatically refunded to your credit card “in a few weeks.”

IN A FEW WEEKS? WHAT ELSE COULD YOU PEOPLE POSSIBLY BE DOING WITH YOUR TIME RIGHT NOW? <-- TBF You get to make money off the interest from the money we paid you when you LOST in spectacular fashion? <-- MG No one in the ticketing office has ANYTHING else to do EXCEPT PROCESS REFUNDS. I am quite sure that the phone is not ringing off the hook from people wanting 2008 season tickets, and even if they were, YOU PROCESS REFUNDS FIRST. Quickly. Immediately. HOW MUCH MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT TO PISS US OFF? Of course, you can always have your post-season payment roll over towards your 2008 plan. Which would be fine, but it's not due until DECEMBER, and I am not quite sure, again, why the Mets are entitled to make money off of my money. In order for me to get a refund, I have to send them a letter requesting one, which, of course, most people won't do. I, myself, am weighing the opportunity cost of the time and effort involved to write the letter, send the letter, follow up on the letter, and wait for the check, when I will have to turn around and send it right BACK to them, versus the interest I could make for that period of time. It's probably not worth it, but it's the principle of the thing. Some people call WFAN, others call the Mets. *sigh*

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