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Mets Phillies Baseball

Aug 31st, 2007


Meet Marlon Anderson. Marlon wanted to win the f’ing game. I know that the umpire’s call was the right one – oddly enough, Derek Zumsteg (who wrote The Cheater’s Guide To Baseball) blogged about this rule two days before Marlon tried to salvage the game for the Mets. But I cannot be angry and am at least heartened that HE F’ING TRIED! HE TRIED! Why? Because he wanted to WIN! No, the Mets can’t go breaking rules and cheating to win. But at least I have some tangible proof that someone cares.… [more]

Aug 30th, 2007


You’re really going to let the Phillies sweep us? Really? You’re kidding, right? Yeah, I know there’s a game today. I briefly thought of assembling the girls and heading down there. I’m not sure what mind-altering substances I was under the influence of at the time. Oh, wait, it’s the ones that make me think THAT THE PHILLIES SUCK AND MY NEPHEW COULD GET A HOME RUN AT CBP and, to quote Coop yet again, THESE ARE THE GAMES WE NEED TO BE WINNING. I’m back to thinking that they really just don’t give a damn. That it irks me more than them to think that I have unused World Series tickets still sitting in a FedEx envelope in my bookcase.… [more]

Aug 28th, 2007


I have nothing but bad things to say about the Philadelphia Phillies. I hate Chase Utley, I have nothing but invective to cast in the direction of Brett Myers, I think Shane Victorino could play a serial killer in any Hollywood movie — shall I go on? Please, go take a wrong turn in Camden, or go throw yourselves collectively off the Ben Franklin Bridge. (A note: I realize the bridge that is most proximate to CBP is the Walt Whitman. I would not want to sully that fine bridge, and the fact that it was named after a POET, with the demise of the Phillies.) Now that I have alienated all of my friends who admire the Phillies, let us move on to the New York Mets.… [more]


Aug 27th, 2007


While I know this is a Mets blog, for Alan and Sarah and Jake and Lauren and Victoria and Deanna and everyone else in the Emerald City, let me take this opportunity to say: LET’S GO MARINERS!!! (At least until they get to the point where they’d have to face the Mets. Then all bets are off.)… [more]

Aug 27th, 2007


This is about how I felt last night when Mota got on the mound. I am stealing it because the crabby sign is getting old and I have no time to find something more suitable – when, in fact, this picture says EVERYTHING I could possibly have to say. The person under the great shirt from the VOTE FOR MR. MET campaign is of course darling Will from Smear The Queer, who I coerced into attending Zoe’s blogger’s night out (and I stole it from her photo album, too.) I know everyone is going to the theater tonight, but we couldn’t be bothered.… [more]

Aug 26th, 2007


Who appointed Dane Cook official baseball spokesperson? And can we get a recount?… [more]

Aug 26th, 2007


Yesterday, we were going up to Stamford, Connecticut, where my folks live, to collect a very important package. Our dinner plans fell through, so I called my folks and asked them if they’d like to meet us for dinner. We did our shopping, and finished about an hour and a half before we had to meet my folks. That was not part of the plan. I hate Stamford, and it’s not like I’ve voluntarily spent any time there since I graduated high school if I could possibly help it. Me: “Now what.” TBF: “Bookstore?” Me: “The only one I remember is too far away.” TBF: “Somewhere we can watch the Mets game?” My first thought was, “Ain’t no way I know of somewhere in this town to watch the– oh, wait.” Me: “Bobby V’s!” TBF: “Nice!” You need to understand that the last time I was in Bobby V’s was before I was old enough to drink.… [more]


Aug 26th, 2007


Unlike many of my colleagues, I do not support the “Save The Apple” movement. Partly it’s because I think there are few greater blights to mankind than the phenomenon of the internet petition. Before the internet petition, people actually had to DO SOMETHING in order to make their cause heard. They had to make phone calls, write letters, take action. Frankly, dressing up like the Home Run Apple and standing behind the windows at the SNY Studios every night during GEICO Sportsnight or during each and every Mets pregame show (or even just showing up in a Mets jersey with a sign reading SAVE THE APPLE) would have far more effect, not to mention be far more original, than throwing together a web site and an internet petition.… [more]


Aug 25th, 2007

PENNY ANTE. [08-24-07]

I’ve been searching my brain, and realize that I don’t have anything that spectacular or even interesting to say about tonight’s game. I am having train issues, which will not interest anyone. The 7 was crowded, too many guys wearing Mets shirts that don’t shower, and too many idiots who don’t know how to ride the subway. I love the subway. I am pro-subway. But I think I am going to start taking the freaking LIRR so I don’t have to deal with the 1 taking 35 minutes for a 15 minute ride, and the 7 issues as noted above. I even forgot about Fiesta Latina or whatever it was tonight until I got through bag check and saw the 90 million security guards.… [more]

Aug 23rd, 2007


Thank you for your online payment for 2007 Mets Postseason tickets. Click on the ticket logo for any game. See the link for postseason invoices at the top. Click on it. It’ll take you where you want to go. (Even if earlier today it didn’t work for you.) One year, exactly, to the day from last year. Now the Mets just need to do their part.… [more]