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Jul 29th, 2007


As I sit writing this on Sunday, thunder rings ominously over Brooklyn. Today will be the rainout, the Mets will escape having to actually show up and beat THE F’ING WASHINGTON NATIONALS today. “it’s the NATIONALS, guys,” was my anguished cry on Friday night, at least for the first few innings, until I finally gave up. The regulars of Section 12 were sullen and listless. We didn’t have the energy to heckle, talk amongst ourselves, or get pissed and boo Jorge Sosa, unlike the other 99% of Shea. I could talk about Jon Adkins or Pedro not inspiring another verse of The Ballad of Pedro Feliciano, but why bother?… [more]


Jul 28th, 2007


I got a fever, and the only prescription is – Heilman continuing to be the man. Mr. Aaron Heilman, Spring Training ’06.… [more]

Jul 27th, 2007


A little Friday levity: A post over on the LoHud Mets Blog sent me to the wonder that is You Tube, from which I provide you with this gem, the highest of high comedy. Yes, I realize you have all seen this before. I have not (or at least have no active memory of having seen it), and even if you have, it’s so goddamn funny that it certainly bears watching again. Glavine deserves some kind of award for this performance. … [more]

Jul 27th, 2007

sound familiar?

COPYCATS! [via]… [more]

Jul 27th, 2007


HOW ABOUT LETTING PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS IN ADVANCE??????? It’s not like 10 of the Mets just spontaneously decided to roll on down to the Ed Sullivan Theater yesterday afternoon. Youtube, anyone? Anyone?? Ray writes in with this link to TOP TEN THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR NEW YORK METS on the Late Show site itself. Filmed at BP yesterday, and not the hysterical, on-site one-at-a-time walk-on I had originally envisioned, which makes it slightly less painful. (Warning, the video is Real Video and it managed to hang my Mac this morning.)… [more]


Jul 25th, 2007


August, 2008: Hello, Bruce Springsteen fans. Sorry you ended up here while looking for your mp3 of a not-very-good song. You might like to read some of my Springsteen writing at, however. What I thought was going to be the best part of the game tonight happened during the 4th inning, just before John Maine came to the plate. The Pirates’ catcher runs out to the mound, followed by someone from the dugout. “Noooooooo!” my father yelled. “Keep him in! We like him!” “It’s the *pitcher*,” I added, enjoying a joint heckle with my dad, for the first time in my life.… [more]

Jul 24th, 2007


I’ve been waiting for this. Although I can’t see how he’ll top that 50 Cent one.… [more]

Jul 23rd, 2007

we now return to our regularly-scheduled updates.

I finished the first reading of the Last Potter at about 4:15am Sunday morning. (That wasn’t straight through – I wimped out Friday night around 2:30am, and was busy all day Saturday.) That was fine timing, as it put me on the couch late Sunday afternoon to catch up on the Mets between naps. I’m glad for the way the team played in LA. I’m glad they’re back here for a little while. But I’m also glad for the night off tonight. (And not just because it’ll give me time to make more progress on the second reading.) Have I mentioned that my father is coming with us tomorrow night???… [more]

Jul 20th, 2007


So I could write about TBF nudging me during the encore break at the special Crowded House showcase last night, a night where I was not even going to think about baseball because I WAS BUSY and the Mets have been, well, the Mets, and despite all that, me picking up the phone and getting a 2-0 score courtesy of Google, and then a 4-0 score, and me and TBF and Coop in disbelief, but not truly understanding disbelief until the next query yielded NEW YORK 6 LOS ANGELES 0 1ST INNING, at which point certain people started looking at their watches and peering at the setlist (not me – okay maybe a little.… [more]


Jul 20th, 2007


The Mets’ recent performance is making me feel relatively uninspired. I decided to go with Lastings because his very presence on the team pisses so many people off for very stupid reasons. Spring Training 2006.… [more]