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Apr 30th, 2007

THE MAINE EVENT. [04-29-07]

Yes, I realize that last season, I demanded that whoever was bringing those signs to Shea cease and desist immediately, but today, when he left the game, I was ready to make one and hold it up myself. But Johnny Maine gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and no that was not from the crab fries at RFK Stadium. Saturday night, we had a family dinner, so we found ourselves listening to the game starting with the 5th inning, then parking the car and running into the house to watch the rest of the game, and then we had friends going onstage at 10:30pm in a bar in the neighborhood.… [more]

Apr 29th, 2007

DC bound

I don’t even know how this idea germinated, all I know is that TBF and I are setting alarms for 7am and driving down to DC tomorrow. Tonight’s best quote: Me, Franco at bat: “Please, get us a hit. if you get us out of this i promise to stop making fun of you.” TBF: “I’ll lay off you for a while. Not forever.”… [more]


Apr 27th, 2007


In tribute to #44, who is regrettably on the DL after a great season so far down in New Orleans. While I was one of the fans who felt that Lastings Milledge got a bad rap last year, I was also one of the fans that wasn’t particularly fond of some of the attitude I saw displayed (and I don’t mean the hand-slapping, either). But seeing him in Spring Training was like seeing a brand-new guy out there. In a funny story related to us by someone who works at Tradition Field (but will remain nameless), apparently Willie told Milledge to get a haircut.… [more]


Apr 25th, 2007

SPEED KILLS [04-24-07]

What do I love about April baseball? I love that the stadium is empty, I love that it feels like my private club, I love that the lines are short and the section isn’t crowded and TBF and I can stretch across three seats and put our feet up on the back of the row in front of us. I love that most of the people who are at Shea are there because they give a damn (who else would voluntarily give up a Tuesday night to watch the Mets play the Rockies?!), I love a game that isn’t against an arch rival (like the Rockies) so that I can have more of a conversation with the people around us, whether it’s William and Andrew (the redheaded twins – finally!… [more]

Apr 25th, 2007


Dear Mets Team Store: You might want to think about ordering a few CHAVEZ 10 t-shirts. And jerseys. And anything else with Endy’s name, face, or vital measurements on. Just a thought. xo, MG I have to get up in exactly six hours, so I will write about tonight’s game later. But they were chanting EN-DY-CHA-VEZ all the way down the ramps, onto the 7 train, and on the 7 train as we got off at 45th Road-Court Square. (I tried to keep the chant going at the bus stop but TBF shut me down.)… [more]

Apr 24th, 2007


I was childishly pleased that the official Jackie Robinson Day was rained out and moved to a day that I had tickets. This has all recently become a passion of mine, and I wanted to be there for it. It’s not that I don’t want to know about the history of baseball. I want to know about the history of just about anything. But I kind of had my hands full over the past year learning about baseball and about the Mets. I certainly knew who Jackie Robinson was, and what he’d done, but I wouldn’t have ever told you that I knew the whole story.… [more]


Apr 22nd, 2007


I’m too cranky to write anything else. At least right now.… [more]

Apr 21st, 2007


That was how the conductor greeted us as we stepped onto the 7 express at Grand Central on Friday. This wasn’t the train to Flushing, or Main Street, or Willetts Point, this was the train to the baseball game. I liked that. We crowded inside, and as the train pulled out of the station, TBF nodded in the direction of the other end of the car, where a handful of Braves fans were standing. “Oh, don’t…” I said. “Please, the evening is just beginning.” “I just want to ask them how they feel about John Rocker, given the fact that, well, we’re on the 7 train,” and, of course, the added fact that these fans were Latino and African-American.… [more]


Apr 20th, 2007


I wrote on Wednesday, forgot to publish it on Thursday, and now it’s Friday, but never too late: Johnny Maine is MG’s Photo Of The Week. Inspired by Johnny Maine’s Almost-No-Hitter: Last September, we journeyed to Pittsburgh to see the Mets play two games against the Pirates at the beautiful PNC Park. This was a random trip inspired by baseball fever combined with seeing the park during the All-Star Game and wanting to see it in person. We believed the Mets were going to clinch long before that weekend, but instead, it turned into The Weekend The Mets Were Supposed To Clinch (But Instead Got Swept By The Pirates).… [more]


Apr 17th, 2007

“you have to go to the back”

The new New Era commercial, showing baseball’s best and brightest camped out on the sidewalk in front of the New Era store on W. 4th Street in the Village, is quite possibly the funniest commercial EVER. Jose Reyes. In a beach chair. And a Mets fleece blanket. Put him on the other side of the street and he could be camping out in front of Tower Records for tickets – back when 1) there was a Tower Records and 2) they let you camp out for tickets.… [more]