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Mar 21st, 2007

metsgrrl welcomes…

Another woman to the ranks of Mets blogging! Check out My Summer Family. —–… [more]

Mar 19th, 2007

barry zito mystery solved (or, Mets Grrl on Sports Center)

So on Sunday, the hits started pouring into Mets Grrl, and everyone was searching on the same thing: “barry zito’s ipod” barry zito ipod the contents of barry zito’s ipod contents of barry zito’s ipod whats on barry zito’s ipod Today, you may have noticed that I put up a post asking why these people were looking for this particular item, and thanks to reader Chris who left a comment, I got the answer: “He was on SportsCenter yesterday, and they discussed his iPod. He said that somewhere on the internet, people claim to have the contents of his iPod.… [more]

Mar 19th, 2007

why are all of you searching for “barry zito’s ipod”?

Seriously, hundreds of you searching on that query since last night. Is there a contest or something? Please, tell me in the comments ;)… [more]

Mar 19th, 2007

spring training thoughts

In case you’re wondering where are the thoughtful, indepth analyses of games we’ve recently played, I’ll share with you a little secret: I can’t watch ’em. At least not on TV. I want to see how our new pitchers are and I want to see the guys I cheered my lungs out for last year. But I can’t make it through a game (and, truth be told, neither can TBF). Even Saturday, when I had the house to myself, I’d settled in to watch the replay of the game, I started getting anxious about the time it went 4-0. (And, I still like listening to baseball more than I like watching it on tv, honestly.… [more]

Mar 17th, 2007


aka, my gratuitous St. Patrick’s Day-themed post: As I mentioned in my post about my new sneakers, I was hinting (hoping) that Bono might side with the blue and orange. A trusted source sent me this mp3 (click to download you can hear it for yourself) and now I am on the fence. That’s the Larry Mullen Band (which you probably all know as U2) performing live in Los Angeles on October 26, 2000. That’s right, October 26, 2000. “We want them to win… for all the wrong reasons” can be interpreted in so many ways, but essentially, rooting for the enemy is, well, rooting for the enemy… especially that night.… [more]

Mar 17th, 2007

yo la tengo

Goddamn it. I completely forgot that tonight was the WFMU fundraising marathon, and the night that Yo La Tengo show up and take requests for three hours in return for pledges. When I got the email about the marathon from their mailing list last night, I sent a note back warning them to prepare a version of “Our Team, Our Time”. Ah, heck, I wouldve settled for a rousing cover of “Who Let The Mets Out.” If you haven’t heard YLT’s cover of “Meet The Mets” (recorded during a previous marathon), now you can. (Click to download a MP3.) [And if you don’t know who the heck I’m talking about and why they’d be playing Mets-related songs, click here.] —–… [more]

Mar 16th, 2007

a post actually not about opening day tickets

“…he was always a great reader, and he had a history of the New York Yankees and then started talking knowledgeably about Joe DiMaggio.” Redemption Song: The Definitive Biography of Joe Strummer Ah, FECK. There goes that theory off the upper deck. —–… [more]


Mar 16th, 2007


EXHIBIT 1: EXHIBIT 2: —–… [more]

Mar 16th, 2007

$50 and Opening Day

That’s what TBF and I have decided is our limit to pay for tickets to Opening Day. We debated buying on StubHub; we debated buying a seven-pack; in all cases, it still wasn’t worth the money. The location of the seats in the remaining seven-packs available sucked – not quite Section 38, Row Q suckage (which is the cheapest seat location on StubHub right now, for $78), but still not a seat we would be happy sitting in. We would both go off and look at the seat locations for both options, not telling the other that we were doing this, and then we’d get pissed off and scowl and not know why.… [more]

original offices of the brooklyn dodgers

Mar 14th, 2007

early morning baseball history

In downtown BK early (I mean EARLY) this morning, I see a historic plaque as I go into Commerce Bank near Borough Hall. Since MG is a geek of NYC history, I make a note to read said plaque when I am done. And I was amply rewarded: The distant shot is crap with a cell phone camera, but the gist was: a plaque commemorating Jackie Robinson visiting the offices of the Brooklyn Dodgers, formerly located at the present location. —–… [more]