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the new creative is here! | metsgrrl.com

the new creative is here!

First new ads spotted in the subway this morning:


So far, from what I’ve seen, I hate this year’s ads and imagery. I know this is tangentially the business I now find myself in (an internet geek on Madison Avenue) so I am hyper-critical but it seems like the Mets have been in a less-than-creative rut since 2005. 2005 was the year of the great Mr. Met commercials. 2005 was the year of “NEXT YEAR IS NOW” and those awesome radio commercials (remember? they were the pseudo-answering machine messages of the players, the funniest one being Tom Glavine translating for Matsui). The campaign was clever and a little sarcastic and very New York. Attitude without being arrogant.

Last year’s creative didn’t resonate with me at first, and there were far too many bad jokes one could make with “The Team. The Time. The INSERT HERE.” but it was aspirational and it was strong and while I don’t troll eBay looking for the subway ads the way I do 2005’s (remember “Next year is LaGuardia complaining about the noise” or “Next year is a packed 7 train”?), when I was out at Shea last month taking the photos of Citifield, I made sure to get some “The Team. The Time. The Place.” banner shots.

I’ll need to see the whole campaign for 2007 before I pass judgement, but what I’ve seen so far has not wow’ed me. “Your season has come”? Is that the best we can do? Visually, I don’t see any unity or cohesiveness, it seems tentative and not the kind of branding that should be coming from a Division Championship team. The blue and orange juxtaposition seems cheap. And there’s some light blue diagonal lines as a continuing visual theme that I’ve seen on some other items (like the media guide, which was for sale down in PSL) I am especially not thrilled with. None of it is authoritative enough.

But, right now, considering that during my morning commute, I have to walk by a very scary photo of Mariano Rivera doing his best Cheshire Cat imitation (urging people to read the bible) no less than 4 times, it will be nice to be greeted by Messrs. Beltran and Delgado instead.

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