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Feb 28th, 2007


THERE’S BASEBALL TODAY! AND IT’S NOT THE CARIBBEAN WORLD SERIES! THE METS ARE PLAYING BASEBALL TODAY!!!!!! This is of course about the time I lament that my current desk is, essentially, in the middle of a hallway (we’re having space problems at work). And given that THE ENTIRE OFFICE aside from three people are all Yankees fans (die-hard, if you’d hear them talk), it would be a little obvious. BASEBALL!!! TODAY!!!!! … [more]

Feb 27th, 2007

reprise on the city of brotherly love

Some of you may have noticed that I had a post about Brett Myers, and that it was removed. You may have noticed that I changed my snackbar quote (the one at the top of the sidebar over there) instead. I stole that from TBF, and when he shared that with me (he posted it somewhere else), only THEN did I realize that Brett Myers was That Guy. I read my post and it sounded totally shallow – yes, sucks – but it made me seem like a total lightweight. So I took it down. In an email discussion with Bob Sikes yesterday (who I still offer much gratitude towards as one of the first folks to acknowledge Mets Grrl), I shared part of this thought process with him.… [more]

Feb 22nd, 2007

on a positive (sort of) note

I forgot to mention my letter from the Mets yesterday, inviting me (as an account holder, or rather, a “valued patron” *snort*) to purchase single game tickets (excluding, of course, opening day and the Subway Series) before the rest of the world. [The fact that the password is so freaking obvious as to be completely worthless, therefore ensuring that everyone’s going to get in on it somehow (no, REALLY. It might as well be ‘METS’) was a subject for additional derision. And no I’m not telling you. xoxo] However, what I missed in my initial pissed-off, fling-of-worthless-letter-onto-MG-desk was THIS: “Highlights on our home 2007 schedule include… (blah blah blah about the Cardinals that would be appropriate for any team except the Mets, because it feels like it was written by some intern who somehow FORGOT who BEAT us last year) and–” –wait for it– “Great giveaways, including Mr.… [more]

Feb 22nd, 2007

“We are sorry to inform you…”

“…that your entry was not selected in this drawing.” TWO SECONDS after I received this (and TBF confirmed that he, too, got shut out), I went on Craigslist… to find that people were *already* selling their PIN numbers. Just for fun, I wrote to a few of them to ask how this was going to work – and all three of them responded back that they had already closed deals and that their codes were not available. I wouldn’t have bought one no matter what – I mean, I might as well buy a Ticketfast ticket from someone on eBay – but WTF?… [more]

Feb 20th, 2007


TBF holds up a slip of paper: “Mega-millions.” His office has a weekly pool. “Uh-huh.” “It’s $151 million now.” “Uh-huh.” “Even if they took half of it, that’s still a lot of money.” “Yep.” “The first thing I do would be to call the Mets ticket office.” “But of course.” “Do you still want to sit behind the visitor’s dugout, or the Mets dugout?” “Visitor’s dugout.” “So I call them up and say, ‘I want the best seats you got, and I don’t mean mezzanine box.” “And I want four seats.” “So we can take friends?” “And so we can donate to children’s charities when we’re not using them.” “Right.… [more]


Feb 19th, 2007


From the Daily News: The popular “Profesor Reyes” segments, during which Jose Reyes teaches Spanish to fans, will return to Shea. After it took Reyes an hour and a half to tape the 2006 season’s segments last spring, Mets officials planned to spread the duty among several players this year. But Reyes enjoyed the segments so much, he asked to again tape the entire season. Have you ever watched the dugout during these segments? All the Spanish-speaking players cluster down around the steps, watching avidly, laughing their asses off, and (I imagine) giving Jose endless amounts of good-natured grief. Pedro, especially, always displayed special interest.… [more]

Feb 19th, 2007

do not adjust your set

Yes, we are doing a little spring cleaning and light rearranging behind the scenes here at New colors, tweaking the layout, and making the best of the constraints of Blogger until we can pick up and move house. … [more]

Feb 17th, 2007

gorgeous photos from spring training today

Click here to see the AP photo feed from today’s spring training session. *sigh* —–… [more]

Feb 15th, 2007

another “help d.wright with his at-bat music” request

On the NY Post’s Spring Training blog. *AHEM*[more]

Feb 15th, 2007


7 Train Originally uploaded by Triborough. Less than two months before I’m walking into Gate B again. —–… [more]

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