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Jan 31st, 2007


Really. You know, they film EVERYTHING in our neighborhood. Law & Order. The Black Donnellys. Commercial after commercial. Dennis Leary is sending people to knock on our door to beg us to let them film Rescue Me (and they take up our parking for days on end). But freaking $#@! Yankees fan obnoxious $#@! SPIKE LEE (who except for his directorial efforts I can’t be bothered with) can’t even film in his own damn borough?!: REYES APPEARS IN COMMERCIAL: At 8:45 a.m. yesterday, Mets shortstop Jose Reyes sat shivering on a sidewalk in Greenwich Village. Next to him was Twins starting pitcher Johan Santana, who was grilling a hamburger.… [more]

Jan 30th, 2007


To Whom It May Concern: The next time you’re going to throw a little shindig for prospective season-ticket buyers, give us a call. I can assure you that you will not find more enthusiastic prospective season-ticket buyers than myself and TBF. I guarantee that we discuss the possibility of purchasing a full season at least twice a week – more if that week includes overtime hours, a yearly bonus, a lottery ticket purchase, or a trip to Atlantic City. Plus, I assure you we know how to behave in the Diamond Club. We would not sing “Jose, Jose, Jose” to Jose Reyes, propose marriage to David Wright, or ask Tom Glavine to make a phone call to a Braves fan (we promise that the cell phone would ONLY be handed to a card-carrying Mets fan).… [more]


Jan 28th, 2007

it’s a beautiful day

The first tickets of the year have arrived!!! … [more]


Jan 25th, 2007


I like Willie Randolph. I liked Willie when I first started venturing out to Shea in 2005. We used to drive out to Shea most times that year, and TBF would always ask leave to listen to the pre-game Manager’s Report as we headed out to Flushing. I didn’t understand much of the baseball talk, but I know enough about marketing and spin and positioning and PR to appreciate his careful responses and his measured tone. And you just need to understand people to appreciate his professionalism and his intelligence. In 2005, this was our call and response: MG: “Willie doesn’t look happy.” TBF: “Willie never looks happy.” It started as a serious observation, and then turned into a joke.… [more]

Jan 24th, 2007

dear chicago, you’ll never guess

Bye, Cliffy. Yeah, we all knew this was coming, and yeah, I already said my goodbyes. And yeah, I’m glad he’s going to Chicago, he’ll be happy there. But I’ll still miss him in left field next spring. —–… [more]

Jan 22nd, 2007

sharp dressed man

Dress Like David“? How – pedestrian. How about “Dress Like Pedro”? Now, *there’s* a concept. … [more]


Jan 19th, 2007

“walking to new orleans”

This is, quite possibly, one of THE BEST PICTURES EVER. NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 18 “A woman wearing a pink cowboy hat covered in rhinestones walked down Bourbon Street on Wednesday night and spotted a character with equally outrageous headgear. “Hey there”, the woman shouted. “Who are you?” Mr. Met froze on a balcony above the street. Usually, he does not leave New York and therefore does not require an introduction. But in New Orleans, a city known for its costume parties, he just looked like some guy who decided to dress up as a baseball. Eager to make the woman’s acquaintance, Mr.… [more]

Jan 14th, 2007

that old familiar feeling

The DV-R is a source of some consternation in the MG household. Despite the fact that we fully embrace technology to the fullest (I had my car wired for my iPod in 2003, the apartment has wifi, etc., etc) we are total newbies at the concept; aside from setting it to record Gilmore Girls last fall when we were Otherwise Engaged on Tuesday nights, there’s been no attempt to exploit it to its fullest possibilities – until this winter. So now, we have a DV-R full of Law & Order and The West Wing (TBF, but shared) and a bunch of movies from either Sundance or IFC (mine), and as a result, there’s recently been some contention for space on the box.… [more]

Jan 11th, 2007

there is no point in writing about the John Thomson situation

Because Metstradamus has the definitive word. No one else needs to write anything else, because it will just pale in comparison. And those of you who have written about it should just delete your posts and link to Metstra. No, seriously. —–… [more]

Jan 10th, 2007

Our Endy in the Off Season

[via, via] Okay. We have at least a dozen Spanish-language channels on our cable service. Can we not get this stuff to watch in the off-season? It’s got to be on Time Warner SOMEWHERE, right? Right?! —–… [more]

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