mets weekly, part 2

Yet more gratuitous self-promotion, but this time they used a little bit more commentary from yours truly, talking about the 8/22/06 game against the Cardinals.

I think I did pretty good.

No, strike that – I *was* good. No “think”. There.

And now, stopping to consider the situation, I am completely and totally dumbfounded. In one year, I have gone from knowing virtually nothing about baseball and not having gone to more than maybe a dozen or two games in my entire life, to having an account with the Mets ticket office, going to over 30 games in one year, multiple roadtrips, attending every home playoff game…

and now, being on television, talking about baseball and the Mets.

It’s freaking SURREAL.

My literary agent read my blog a little while ago and thinks I should think about writing a book. She might not have the worst idea in the world. But, again, file under SURREAL.

[P.S. If anyone can run video off their DVR so I can get a VHS tape, or get a video file off their computer that I could burn to DVD, please drop a line. Some friends who do not live in the area would like to see this. Thank you.]


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