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random thoughts


One sure way you know the Mets have achieved critical mass in NYC: When the souvenir shops at the airports have identical displays for both the Mets and the Yankees. I would have included a photo but I was at LGA on business at 5:45am and not in a picture mood. Those airport stores have very little real estate and they only stock items that are in demand. In the past, there would be either nothing or maybe a hat from the blue and orange side; now there are both, and they are identical, and were present in both stores I walked by. Did my heart good. I did move the Yankees mugs that someone at the store clearly decided should be part of the Mets display back to their correct location.

Coming home last night from the airport, that gorgeous skyline view from the BQE, but my heart breaking just a little because the Empire State is blue and orange for the marathon tomorrow, and not for other reasons.

Running into the stand-up above in a Duane Reade in midtown. I have also been trying to buy the banners off the owners of our local 99 cent stores. I sent a letter to get Glaceau Vitamin Water offering to do a promotion/contest with metsgrrl.com but they clearly have reading comprehension issues because the email back to me explained in terms better suited to a three year old that the promotional materials were not for sale. Um, right. That’s why I wanted to do a contest. FREE ADVERTISING.

I have yet to watch this week’s Mets Weekly and that will rate a separate post later if I managed to make the cut.

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