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well, that was a mistake

When we were walking home from dinner, TBF floated the idea of checking out the game tonight. “It’s an elimination game, you know,” he helpfully provided, because I was not supposed to be paying attention to the game (and for the record, neither was he). This seemed okay to me; I figured I was over it by now.

So I turned on the game when it was the top of the 6th inning, and turned the sound on at the top of the 9th inning. TBF is on the phone in the other room and is missing out on the festivities, as it were, and rejected my offer to put the game on pause.

I should have turned the damn tv off. Of course it was nowhere near as bad as it was that Thursday night for us, but it was some of the same feeling: pins and needles. edge of the couch. stomach hurting. whispered prayers – and they aren’t even my damn team! Knowing how it feels when you have the tying runs on base and your one last hope comes to the plate.

I am glad, though, in a way, that the baseball is over now for the year. Not glad, because I miss watching it, which is how I got roped into watching the game tonight, the rhythm of pitches and runs and hits – it felt so good to be seeing that again. But glad that the tension is over and maybe now I can get over the fact that I was supposed to be at the World Series this week.



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