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It’s a little slow today at work – the company I work for is winding down, hence all the job interviewing activity – and reading various Mets-related sites made me wish I had made a sign for the game. We always talk about doing it, and then never get our act together.
Usually, I would ask one of our designers to help me make something cool. They can put something together in 15 minutes that would take me hours, and even then anything I did would look like crap. However, at this point, we have one designer left, and he is a Yankees fan – a nice guy, not an arrogant idiot, but still, a Yankees fan.
I finally decide just to ask him, if nothing else maybe he will loan me a copy of Illustrator so I can do it myself.
“How would you feel about helping me make a sign for tonight’s game?”
“What do you want it to say?”
I tell him.
“When are you leaving?”
I tell him.
“Okay, I’ll do it.”
“If you don’t want to, I will totally respect that.”
“No, it’s fine.”
Five minutes later I catch him on mets.com.
The result below – look for us on the mezz tonight:

When he was done, he asked me: “Are you really prepared for tonight?”
“No, are you REALLY prepared? To see your team lose?”
“Win or lose, I’m there until the end.”

Either way, it’ll make me feel glad to be alive.

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