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“your request is not available at this time”

“We should talk about Detroit.”
“No, we should talk about Detroit.”
“Are we going?”
“It’s too much money. Flight, hotel, car, it’s $1000 before we’re done.”
“We have a place to stay.” I produce the text message from our Detroit friends with whom we have been trash-talking Tigers/Mets for the past few weeks, telling us that we are staying with them if we are coming.
“I have a plane ticket,” TBF now relents, “But it’s not that far.”
“It’s only 10 hours.”
“If we drive, it’s not that expensive. It’s just tickets and food and gas.”
We look at each other. Decision made.
“I’ll call you at 10am tomorrow morning.”

Alas, the Ticketmaster gods were not kind to us. I pulled GA tickets, and TBF made the executive decision that he didn’t want to drive 20 hours round trip and spend $90 each on standing room, and I was tired enough to agree – but then later started to regret it.

I went back to the browser window – I had clicked through all the way to the point just before confirmation – only to see “Your request is not available at this time. Please try again later.” Which is what I would have seen if we had decided we WERE going.

I’m still not sure I’m 100% on not going – but we were for certain only going if we could have bought them on the open market. The secondary market for the WS makes Rolling Stones scalpers look like rank amateurs.

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