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st. louis blues

I was going to write about this game. No, really. We went off to McFadden’s tonight to partake in the Metsblog-sponored revelry, and I brought my notepad (and TBF his scorecard) and we got there early, parked ourselves at the bar, and prepared for a rousing evening.

The evening ended with TBF smacking the scorecard against a planter outside the bar, and him almost ripping the head off of a guy wearing a Yankees hat who stopped us on the way to the train and simply inquired as to the score and actually offered polite condolences when we confirmed it.

I don’t like the Cardinals. I don’t like Pujols trash-talking Glavine, I don’t like Tony La Russa defending the trash talking, I don’t like Scott Spezio and his freaking plumage, I despise Ronnie Belliard and his “I.M.BAD” picture with his hat sideways. And if they really played “Taking Care of Business” tonight in St. Louis, I will tell them and their crimson tide of a fan base to take a long walk off a short pier right into the middle of the Mississippi.


Sorry. Anyway, aside from that, tonight was just swell. I finally got to meet homegirl Zoe in person, pink hat and all, along with Matt Cerrone from the aforementioned Metsblog and Anthony from Hot Foot, and MG reader Chauncey. I also got interviewed by SNY, and did a “This is Mets Grrl and you’re watching SNY, get your New York sports here” plug. I was chosen at random, simply because they needed something else besides a white boy in a Mets jersey, but I convinced them to let me plug the blog when I was done. I don’t remember what I said, but TBF was listening and he said I did fine.

It’s okay. We’ll get them tomorrow night. It’s a long series. We are going to do this. The Cardinals are not going to beat us. As I told SNY, we have the heart and the spirit.

As for tomorrow night, in an announcement that will gladden the aforementioned Anthony of Hot Foot (who affectionately berated me in a post on his site the other day), I will not be attending, nor watching, tomorrow night’s game. Tomorrow night is the closing night for CBGB, Patti Smith will be onstage, and short of a World Series game that I have tickets to, there is nothing that would take precedence over that – not even the Mets.

But don’t worry: I am taking TBF’s little transistor radio with me, and have entreated him to keep me informed via text message. :)

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