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Oct 28th, 2006

well, that was a mistake

When we were walking home from dinner, TBF floated the idea of checking out the game tonight. “It’s an elimination game, you know,” he helpfully provided, because I was not supposed to be paying attention to the game (and for the record, neither was he). This seemed okay to me; I figured I was over it by now. So I turned on the game when it was the top of the 6th inning, and turned the sound on at the top of the 9th inning. TBF is on the phone in the other room and is missing out on the festivities, as it were, and rejected my offer to put the game on pause.… [more]

Oct 27th, 2006

11/4: Mets Weekly final episode, starring…

Okay. Not starring. But I was interviewed this afternoon (along with the rest of the blogosphere), and provided I didn’t sound like a complete rambling fool, you will see yours truly on the last episode of Mets Weekly for the season, on tomorrow 11/4 [thanks, Z.] at 12:30. How will you know it’s me? Well, they interviewed two women: myself and Zoe. Zoe is wearing a pink hat and her Cliff Floyd t-shirt. I am not. There, that should make it easy for you. Please, be kind in your comments, that is all I ask :) … [more]

Oct 26th, 2006

beltran at the bat

I don’t know how I found this, somewhere through the server logs, and it is so very well done (although, of course, so sad; the fact that it is so well done makes it even sadder to me); the adaptation from a science fiction writer. Some people blog when the Mets lose, others adapt poetry. It is funny to see in the comments people who clearly do not realize that it is a loving tribute to this work. … [more]

Oct 26th, 2006

‘stache vs. the hobbit

Yes, I know. You are a grumpy curmudgeon-type and internet polls are stupid (especially when it comes to baseball) and don’t matter (especially when it comes to baseball) and you are tired of every possible advertising-tie-in baseball poll that they are shoving down your throat (especially when it comes to baseball). I know this full well, and I agree with you. But I also know that letting The Hobbit of St. Louis (aka David Eckstein, that nice Jewish boy [JOKE ALERT: I know he’s not]) win over our Jose (no, the OTHER Jose) is a travesty. So vote! Vote early and vote often.… [more]


Oct 25th, 2006

he’s not watching, either

This was the back page of El Diario this morning, which is the newspaper most widely read on the train I take to work. It did my heart good. “Since 1972, Major League Baseball annually has presented an award which recognizes the player who best exemplifies the game of baseball, sportsmanship, community involvement and the individual’s contribution to his team.” [Hey, St. Louis, take a gander. You might see something you don’t recognize.] Childishly, I was glad to learn that, even though Delgado was in Detroit yesterday, he didn’t stay and watch the game – from Newsday: “Delgado didn’t plan on staying for the game because he found it painful to watch.… [more]

Oct 22nd, 2006

HUGE news flash!

I spent the whole season in search of this: Carlos Beltran’s at-bat song. No? You spent an entire season not wondering about this? He used the same song, every single time, period. No, seriously. This was a big deal. We could make out a few words, but we are white kids from Connecticut and Long Island, respectively. Even the sisters who sat next to us got in on it. We would watch people sitting near us to see if anyone was singing along; if they were, we would have leapt on them and begged them to tell us what the song was called.… [more]


Oct 20th, 2006

say a prayer for the broken hearted

Last night. What was it like, sitting up there, being at Shea last night? The upper deck shaking and the rally towels waving and the drums and the air horn and something that sounded like a washboard or spoons down on the mezzanine. What was it like, singing along to Bon Jovi and cracking up and smooching TBF because we both hate that song SO much, but last night at Shea, blasting out of the PA, it sounded like the best thing ever. I want to describe how it felt so I can remember it, because I have never felt anything like that before.… [more]


Oct 20th, 2006

my banner from last night


Oct 20th, 2006

what would make me happy this morning

Would my loyal readers from the following locations comment (even anonymously – you CAN do that) or drop me a line? Boise, ID Washington, PA Hawaii I see you in the server logs! … [more]

Oct 20th, 2006

only love can break your heart

I was going to blow off posting and go hide on the couch with the cat for a little while, but this is not how Mets Grrl rolls. No. It was there. It was so close. We had every chance in the world. Endy rescued us from the pit of gnawing despair with the one of the best catches you have ever seen, the kind of catch Cliff Floyd would have made when he could have, a miracle catch. Watching TBF’s face as that ball headed towards the Cardinals’ bullpen, seeing his heart sink, and then explode as Endy made that catch.… [more]